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Dr. Subramanian Swamy in support of Sant Shri Asaram Bapu

Anti-Hindu Congress tries to push through one more draconian Bill !

Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence 
(Access to Justice and Reparations) Bill, 2011

1. Background of the Bill
Gujarat riots in the aftermath of the Godhra carnage and disturbance in Orissa following the killing of Swami Lakshmananand made some so-called secularists follow up the matter with the Union Government. As a result, the anti-Hindu Union Govern-ment is trying to pass a new Bill.

As if the anguish handed over to Hindus so far was not enough, this Bill, most dangerous for the Hindus, is all set to come into effect.

2. Who is behind this Bill ?
National Advisory Council that is drafting this Bill has Ms. Sonia Gandhi as its President ! Given ahead are the names of members of the drafting and advisory committee.

2A. Drafting committee
2A 1.
 Teesta Setalwad, a so-called social worker who shot to fame post-Gujarat riots because of her biased allegations.
2A 2. Najmi Vaziri, a High Court advocate and official advoc-ate of the Wakf Board.

2B. Advisory Committee
2B 1. Farah Naqvi, who worked with Muslims after the Gujarat riots.
2B 2. Kamal Farooqui, who has publicly said that Mr. Rajiv Gandhi got Parliament to pass a law upturning the Supreme Court judgment in the Shah Bano case, thus favouring the Muslims. (Ref. :
2B 3. John Dayal, a ‘Very hardcore Christian’. (As mentioned on the ‘Wikipedia’ website)
2B 4. Maulana Niyaz Farooqui, a senior leader of ‘Jamiat-Ulema–E-Hind’.

2C. Harsh Mander and Gopal Subramanyam also feature in the Drafting Committee, while the Advisory Committee consists of anti-Hindus like Suresh Hospet, Abusaleh Sharif, Asgar Ali Engineer, Ram Puniyani, Shabanam Hashmi, Sister Maria Skaria, Syed Shahabuddin, Ruparekha Varma and Gagan Sethi.

3. A Bill that contains extremely narrow and biased definitions :
3A. Definition : ‘Communal and targeted violence’ means and includes any act or series of acts, whether spontaneous or planned, resulting in injury or harm to a person and or property, knowingly  directed against  any person by virtue of his or her membership of any ‘group’, which destroys the secular fabric of the Nation.

3B. The most dangerous definition is that of ‘group’ ! : ‘Group’ has a very limited meaning in this Bill. It means a religious or linguistic minority, in any State in the Union of India, or Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes within the meaning of clauses (24) and (25) of Article 366 of the Constitution of India.
3B 1. This Bill is not applicable to Jammu and Kashmir.
3B 2. A Bill that assumes that Hindus are the culprits : Hindus are in minority in ninety Districts and hundreds of villages in Bharat, but the unit of measurement of population is at the State level. Therefore, Hindus will be considered a majority in every State. Thus, this clause coldly declares Hindus to be culprits in advance.
3B 3. Not applicable to riots between Christians and Muslims
3B 4. This clause can be used to settle personal disputes and personal interests. Advantage can be taken of this provision to lodge large scale complaints.

4. Pro-Hindu organisations will be declared guilty ! 4A. If any pro-Hindu organisation conducts a programme to educ-ate people about the attacks on Dharma or disseminates information on ‘Love Jihad’, then that will be declared as hate propaganda. Moreover, Government officials who permit such meets or programmes will be held guilty for dereliction of duty.

5. A Bill that hangs several swords over the heads of Govt. officials.

6. A Bill that demoralises Hindus not only during riots, but also during the period of peace.

National Advisory Committee agrees to amend the Bill
New Delhi - The National Advisory Committee (NAC) has agreed to amend the Bill now. A total number of 49 amendments have been agreed upon including the clauses that might lead to a misunderstanding between the Centre and the State. A suggestion was made to scrap the clause containing the statement ‘destruction of the secular fabric of the Nation’. The NAC was also given extensive rights under Chapter 3, Clause 20 of the Bill.

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  1. Please find some other country where Hindus live on Hindus moral ground...... Is this possible ?
    India so cold "BIN SAMPRADAIC" ! ?
    Or only minority's country ?
    Hindus are terarist ?
    Naheru-Gandhi's are Hindu, Parsi, Muslim, sheikh or Crishanse ?
    Majority mast have more rite to live in ther country ... In intayer world how many country has special lows for minority Hindus?
    How long this anti Hindu propogenda work ? On what basics ?
    Why don't they nominet liberal comity for lows who ifacted Majer community of india?
    Thay has any coection with moguls ?
    Is naheru Gandhi family has special powers rule India ?
    India need rule " any candidate be as minister for tow term only"


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