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Dr. Subramanian Swamy in support of Sant Shri Asaram Bapu

Ban IPL tournament, demands Dr. Swamy

Statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy, President of the Janata Party.

I demand that the Government ban the IPL tournament forthwith since the game’s collateral consequences are a degeneration of a civilized game of Cricket into a vulgar display of black money, money laundering, immorality, fraud, and mafia involvement, all converging into a serious national security threat to the country.

The ban could be lifted later on after barring from the management or ownership of teams all persons actively involved in the cinema world or who hold an elective office in politics. The recent incident of vulgar, unruly, rowdy behaviour of some of the players, owners, and politicians make it necessary to impose this ban for a brief period in order to lift the ban on the game.


Source : Janata Party

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