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Dr. Subramanian Swamy in support of Sant Shri Asaram Bapu

Dr. Swamy's Statement on Kodankulam Nuclear Reactor Project

I demand that the Prime Minister take a firm clear stand on the issue raised about the Kodankulam Nuclear Reactor Project and that under no circumstance it will be scrapped or seriously truncated. The present agitation in the area is not spontaneous but began by vested interests of countries which hope to sell reactors to India and do not want competition from Russia. The Catholic church which is surprisingly openly represented at the protest venue through large number of nuns and padres is also active which is inexplicable. Many of the NGOs organizing the protest are receiving funds for the protest. There is also participation by the rump elements of LTTE led by Vaiko, Naxalites and others.

The somersault of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister on the issue, from urging protestors from calling off their demonstration to urging the Prime Minister to scrap the project, is traceable to the bribe money paid to her mentor Ms Sasikala. Hence her objection need not be taken seriously. Sasikala is active in exporting Thorium laden sands off Kodankulam area.

If Ms Jayalalitha is not able to control this agitation within the powers vested with her under the Constitution, I urge the Prime Minister to invoke his authority under the Constitution and statutes to ask the army to take over the disturbed area. One of our most modern Naval ports is being readied on the coast off Kodankulam near Kanyakumari and will enable us not only to protect the reactor against sea launched attack but will also monitor movements in the Indian ocean. This fact is known to some foreign countries who are not happy with the increased role of India in the Indian ocean.


Source: Janata Party 

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