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Sanatan Sanstha urges Maha. CM to take stock of its activities

PTI | 06:09 PM,Sep 13,2011
Mumbai, Sep 13 (PTI) :  Hindu right wing group Sanatan Sanstha, which is facing a ban, today urged Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan to visit its ashrams to understand the organisation's nationalistic and religious activities. 
Addressing a press conference, Sanatan spokesman Abhay Vartak condemned the proposed ban on the Sanstha and said the move would be "unfair and injust". "Chief Minister should visit us to see the ground realities and ascertain for himself if our activities are such that require to be stopped," Vartak said. He lamented that the government has never allowed Hindu organisations a platform to put forth their views. "If such injustice continues, Hindus may get provoked," he said adding that his statement was not a threat. Vartak said if the government can have dialogue with militants in Kashmir and naxals why can't it do so with nationalist Hindu organisations. "Chief Minister should visit us and check whether we are involved in terror activities," he said adding that his organisation has published a study of Hindu religion. 

He said NCP leaders Sharad Pawar, R R Patil and Jitendra Avhad have been levelling allegations against the organisation without proof.
Vartak said his organisation has nothing to do with the Thane blast even though the two persons belonged to Sanatan. "We have not provided legal aid or funds to them.Whatever they did has nothing to do with the activities of the organisation," he said. 

The ATS chargesheet and court verdict in the Thane blast case does not mention Santhan Sanstha, he claimed. He urged the government not to take any step with political motives. This would be unfair, he said adding the organisation would take legal steps if it was banned.

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