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Dr. Subramanian Swamy in support of Sant Shri Asaram Bapu

Bangalore : Spontaneous response to 1st Patriotic Tweeple Conference Organised by Dr. Swamy

December 27 2011 :
By Blog Author(Girish):

First of its kind of Patriotic Tweeter conference was organised in Bangalore on 25th December 2011 by Dr. Subramanian Swamy for some of his serious followers who are ready to contribute for the future of Bharatmata. About 140 Patriotic Intellectuals from all parts of Bharat and few from outside Bharat gathered with great curiosity at National Indian Heritage Academy for a surprise package which Dr. Swamy thought of giving.
The program was planned in a very systematic manner. Eminent personalities like Padma Bhushan Prof. N.S.Ramaswamy, Prof R. Vaidyanathan from IIM Bangalore and Shri Jagadish Shetty (National General Secretary of Janatan Party) were present on dais. The program started with lighting of the lamp by Dr. Swamy & by Ganeshvandana.

Prof Ramaswamy enlightened the participants with the importance of our heritage, our Hindu Dharma and need to protect it. He also introduced Dr. Swamy in his own fashion by calling him Handsome politician. The attendees heard him with great concentration.

Now it was time for Dr. Swamy to give a speech on "A Vision for Secure India" & when he stood on his feet to give his speech, emotions gathered in his followers as they saw their leader & gave a big applause. Dr. Swamy talked on various subjects like corruption, Hindutva, Patriotism and Importance of Sanskrit. He emphasized on the fact that Indians need to create or develop a mindset which will make India a Virat renaissance & It can happen only when our minds are clear. Also we need clarity about what we are ?. He also said that our National Security is our first priority & for that we must have mental toughness to take decisions.

Dr. Swamy explained how Hindu Society is not based on the cast but it is based on the Gunas i.e. Skills, how our civilization survived even after 800 years of Muslim rule and 200 years of British rule. He also said that we must bring back the sanskrit as our language of communication as it connects to all of us and our heritage.

Prof. R Vaidyanathan gave a fantastic speech on "Movements against Corruption" in which he explained in detail about global economics, black money kept abroad in tax heavens and the need to bring back the black money with minute details & a excellent presentation. He has a immense knowledge & fantastic sense of humor which was enjoyed by participants.

Shri Abhishek Joshi (Member Secretary, Action Committee Against Corruption in India #ACACI) & Shri Aravind Chaturvedi & Shri M.R. Venkatesh also enlightened the participants with their views on different topics.

The Program concluded with Vande Mataram & Vote of thanks.

(Personally I feel that the first of its kind of Tweeple conference was not organised by Dr. Swamy to just come, listen & watch. Also the participants were not present for the same. But it was organised because every participant who will go out after attending this conference will become a National fighter with a vision to Protect his nation & his heritage throughout his life.And I am sure each participant will carry on this mission & contribute to the future of Bharatmata. I feel this would have been the real purpose of this conference...Girish(Blog Author)

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