In the next election whichever political party gets elected even then the worst condition of Bharat and Hindus will not change. To bring the change we have to continue our efforts for the establishment of Hindu Rashtra. - Dr. Athavle...When Governments consistently fail, it is Hindus who must get ready !...H.H.Dr. Jayant Athavale(Sanatan Sanstha)....There is no counter terror strategy except the one I have given in the DNA article...Dr. Swamy....Hindu vote must consolidate with those others who accept Hindu ancestry for a virat Hindustani sarkar...Dr.Swamy

Dr. Subramanian Swamy in support of Sant Shri Asaram Bapu

Vikram Sawarkar : 'Convention is for establishment of Hindu Nation as envisioned by Veer Savarkar'

7 June, 2012 

Yesterday I read about the news of press conference held prior to start of Convention in daily ‘Sanatan Prabhat’. Congratulations, with lot of appreciation, to Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) for organizing such Convention and to daily ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ for publishing matter about the same! Hindu Mahasabha used to hold Convention when Veer Savarkar was alive and that used to be called as Hindu Convention. Later, such Convention was never held. Now, HJS took a very bold decision to organize ‘All India Hindu Convention’ for establishment of Hindu Nation as was envisioned by Savarkar. I feel happy and proud.

Savarkar’s definition of ‘undivided’ Hindustan was for Hindus and with Hindus; now a new hope has been aroused to achieve this goal. Many congratulations for such bold decision! Best wishes for the whole mission and Convention !

Watch, Experience, Participate and Spread the 'Hindu Adhiveshan' !

O Hindus, you will now be able to know what is going on in the Convention even sitting at home; in case you are unable to take part in the convention physically. You can know about the proceedings of the Convention, watch it on the website and participate in the HJS mission of propagation of Dharma through ‘internet’. For that, you will have to do only the following things ……

1. Visit the special page on HJS website –

2. The schedule of the programs, speeches of guest speakers, photographs etc. will be published on the social websites like ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’. You can also spread these events to every Hindu.
Those who are interested in the propagation of the Convention on website or in taking part through the social websites, e-mails etc., they can contact the following email-id : hinduadhiveshan[at]gmail[dot]com !


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