In the next election whichever political party gets elected even then the worst condition of Bharat and Hindus will not change. To bring the change we have to continue our efforts for the establishment of Hindu Rashtra. - Dr. Athavle...When Governments consistently fail, it is Hindus who must get ready !...H.H.Dr. Jayant Athavale(Sanatan Sanstha)....There is no counter terror strategy except the one I have given in the DNA article...Dr. Swamy....Hindu vote must consolidate with those others who accept Hindu ancestry for a virat Hindustani sarkar...Dr.Swamy

Dr. Subramanian Swamy in support of Sant Shri Asaram Bapu

Swamy vows to challenge UPA ‘unconstitutional’ dream move

Terming the UPA Government’s dream project ‘Direct Cash Transfer Scheme’ as an unconstitutional move, Janata party chief Subramanian Swamy on Wednesday said he would challenge the scheme in court soon. Observing that direct cash transfer to beneficiaries in place of distribution of subsidised public goods is an impropriety of Demands for Grants approved by Parliament, Swamy urged the NDA-ruled States not to implement the Centre’s project.

“The scheme is unconstitutional since it proposes to transfer tax payers’ funds presently in Parliament-approved Welfare Schemes, through a cartel of District Magistrates and District Congress Committee presidents. According to the Constitution, and Demand for Grants approved by Parliament, fund is through allocation implemented through Ministries of the Union Government.
“I therefore condemn the PM for subverting the Constitution, and abdicating his responsibility to his oath of office by agreeing to this scheme which is nothing but legitimising corruption through an unconstitutional cartel of District Magistrates and District Congress presidents, thereby collapsing the concept of constitutional separation of powers,” said Swamy in a statement here.
Accusing the scheme as “fraud on the Constitution”, Swamy said he would approach courts challenging the new project. “I urge all NDA-ruled States hence to inform the Centre that they will not implement this fraud on the Constitution. I also warn the PM that if this scheme is pushed through and implemented from January 1, 2013 as announced then I will approach the courts making him also a respondent, along with Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi,” he said.

Janata Party - Delhi Pradesh Adhivesha to be held on 1st December

Dear All

Janata Party is organising an event on 1st of Dec at Mavalankar Hall, where Dr. Swamy is a speaker himself. 

Janata Party, 
Delhi Pradesh Adhiveshan 
Udghatan aivam Pramukh Vakta - Dr Subramanian Swamy

Malvankar Hall, 
Rafi Marg 
New Delhi

Time: 2pm

Perform spiritual practice To establish the ‘Hindu Nation’ !

" If the unrighteous Government is to be pulled down, we will have to perform samashti sadhana (Spiritual practice for the sake of the society), seek God’s blessings and the boon of establishing the ‘Hindu Nation’. 
         Then only the root cause of all problems, that is, the Tama component (One of the three components in the universe) will be eliminated !" 
- Dr. Athavale (13.9.2012)

Commentary by ‘A Scholar’
      1. Though the Saints of the earlier times were harassed by many, they were saved because they chanted God’s Name : Many Saints of the earlier times tried their best to reap the harvest of devotion and sow the seeds of purity into the atmosphere. Though they were harassed very much by heretics and atheists, they could carry on their mission because they chanted God’s Name. Finally, the heretics were punished. History will repeat itself in today’s times.
     2. Heretics will certainly be punished for their great sin of harassing Saints : It is inevitable that the politicians, unrighteous leaders, goons, extremists and rationalists will be punished as per their Tama-predominant karmas. There is no greater sin than harassing Saints.
     3. Every Saint has said, ‘Listen to the call of your soul, remember God and perform sadhana (Spiritual practice)’ : If we have to take every individual on the path of sattvikta (Purity), their body (which is destined for destruction) needs to be sacrificed. In other words, the materialistic tendency should be sacrificed and individuals should be taken to the path of renunciation. Every Saint has said - ‘Never embellish the body because it is destined for destruction; hence, listen to the call of the soul, remember God and perform sadhana’. 
    4. In Kaliyug, the jiva (Embodied soul) is missing true Anand (Bliss) : In today’s era of Kaliyug, since the jiva has accumulated many temptations in the mind and fallen prey to them in day-to-day life, it has missed true Anand. True Anand lies in observing the soul.
   5. When ‘I’-ness is completely dissolved as a result of sadhana, the individual will not perform any evil karma : Being engrossed in Anand of the self means becoming one with God. In this state, ‘I’-ness is completely dissolved. When the Sattva component (One of the three components in the universe) is accumulated in this manner, individuals will not perform any evil karma. Such a circumstance will prevail in the Divine Kingdom. Since everyone will be Sattva-predominant and there will be more emphasis on communion with God, everyone will get the spiritual experience of closeness with God. 

      1. Only if we remain faithful to the Holy feet of Saints, we will be ferried across the ocean of the material world : If we have to eliminate the corrupt ways, lust, treachery, deep involvement with Maya (Great Illusion), there is no alternative tosadhana. If we remain faithful to the Holy feet of Saints, we will be ferried across the ocean of the material world; but if we are entrapped in the company of Tama-predominant heretics, it will be the end.
     2. If we perform sadhana, we will never lose God’s grace : If we do not perform sadhana, even God will not save us from great adversity. We will have to face the horrific war in difficult times. Where there is Tama component, destruction is inevitable. However, if we perform sadhana, we will never lose God’s grace.
      3. If we have firm faith that God will take care of us in difficult times, it will not be difficult for us to become one with Him.
     4. To enter the Divine Kingdom, we must perform rigorous sadhana : If theTama component is to be eliminated completely, the seed of rigorous sadhana must be sown in the society and those who perform sadhana will lead a glorious life.
      5. The ‘Hindu Nation’ (Divine Kingdom) is not far off if we believe in the dictates of Dharma and abide by it with utmost faith : If we have to eliminate theTama-predominant material world, we should abide by the religious acts of remembering God, bhav (Spiritual emotion) for God and devotion unto Him. If we do not leave the Holy feet of Saints and God, if we believe in the dictates of Dharma and abide by it with utmost faith, establishment of the ‘Hindu Nation’ will not be far off.  
   6. If sadhana is performed without expectations, the ‘Hindu Nation’ will be established effortlessly, and by performing sadhana with expectations, we will progress spiritually in this birth : If we have to pull down the Government, we will have to impart education about religion to the people, spread Dharma in the society, and after seeking the blessings of samashti God, we will have to seek a boon of establishing the ‘Hindu Nation’ from Him.
The ‘Hindu Nation’ will automatically come into existence if we performsadhana without expectations; by performing sadhana with expectations, we can be spiritually emancipated in this very birth. By performing samashti sadhana (Spiritual practice for the sake of the society), the Tama component (which is the root cause of all problems) will be eliminated.
Hence, H.H. Dr. Athavale has said that the only panacea for all problems of the society and the Nation is to get sadhana done from the society and make it sattvik.

(Through the medium of Mrs. Anjali Gadgil, 
Adhik Bhadrapad Kru. Paksha 12, Kaliyug Varsh 5114 [13.9.2012], 7.45 p.m.)

Read and watch only intelligent and pro-active media !

Appeal to readers of periodicals and viewers of news channels

Read and watch only intelligent and pro-active media !
The news about denigration and insult of Shri Ganesh by anti-Hindu Dr. Zakir Naik was first published by ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat’ and later by a few Periodicals. However, not many news channels covered this. This shows that media in the Hindu-majority Bharat is anti-Hindu. It looks down upon and is least concerned about the religious sentiments of the Hindus. Information on how ideal and principled journalism should be is given in Holy text ‘Sanatan’s Journalism’. Leave alone principled journalism, today’s journalists do not even engage in objective news-collection, and thus work towards keeping Hindus in the dark. 
            O Readers ! Since anti-Hindu media is on the rise, your responsibility too has increased. Please identify Periodicals you read from the list given ahead. Boycott media that is deceptive and keeps you in the dark, and subscribe only to intelligent and pro-active Periodicals. Please also inform the nearest office of ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat’ about the names of Periodicals which are unprincipled.
Types of Periodicals
     1. Demoniacal : Those which provide a perspective conducive for anti-national and heretic acts.
     2. Inert : Those which do not publish news on anti-national and heretic acts and if they do, they do not mention the religion of the criminal under the pretext that ‘criminals have no religion’; for example, those who advocateSarvadharmasamabhav (Equality among religions).
    3. Unintelligent : Those which publish news on anti-national and heretic acts, but do not educate the readers on any aspect.
    4. Intelligent : Those which publish news on anti-national, heretic elements and educate readers.
    5. Pro-active : Those which publish news about anti-national and heretic elements and encourage readers towards action; for example, ‘Sanatan Prabhat’.
            Since most Hindus in Bharat are inert, lack intelligence and are demoniacal, Periodicals with identical traits have millions of readers. Intelligent and pro-active Hindus are in minority and hence, Periodicals with identical traits do not have many readers. Therefore, the number of readers of Periodicals like ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ is insignificant.
            We have to change this situation so as to be able to establish the ‘Hindu Nation’.
- Dr. Athavale (Nij Bhadrapad Shukla Paksha 12, Kaliyug Varsh 5114 [27.9.2012])
O Hindus ! Boycott media that keep you in the dark !
The news about denigration and insult of Shri Ganesh by anti-Hindu Dr. Zakir Naik was first published by ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat’ and later by a few Periodicals and news channels. The newspapers that did not publish this news (since they are Demoniacal / inert) is given ahead.
English newspapers : The Times of India, The Indian Express, Economic Times, Financial Express, Hindustan Times, The Week, The Hindu
TV news channels : CNN-IBN, Times Now
            Newspapers and news channels that did not publish this news have incurred the sin of keeping the Hindus in the dark about the denigration of their seats of faith. O Hindus ! Protest against them in a legitimate manner !

Every Hindu must have Sanatan Almanac for year 2013 (A treatise on Hindu Dharma - Available in 9 Indian Languages)

A most favoured Hindu Panchang

Sanatan Almanac for year 2013

 Sanatan Almanac for year 2013
  • Explains the science of Spirituality underlying Religious & Holy festivals, Vowed religious                 observances
  • Guides on abidance by Dharma and spiritual practice
  • Enhances pride in the languages, culture and the Nation
  • Contains sattvik photographs of Deities and Saints
  • Special Attractions
  • Characteristic features of the forthcoming Hindu Nation
  • Auspicious & inauspicious days for various purposes (Including marriage)
  • Introduction to Saints and revolutionaries of this Nation 
  • Information on Holy texts that will spiritualise your life 
  • Rs. 30/- Per Copy
  • (Available in English, Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, Oriya,  Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam)
        (For requirements, please contact our Helpline : 09322315317)

Source : English Sanatan Prabhat

Rajiv Gandhi Assassination: Criminals Rewarded?

 The Rajiv Gandhi assassination is a story that refuses to disappear. Likethe Kennedy assassination and that of Abraham Lincoln a century earlier new theories keep cropping up. Here is a report by Sam Rajappa, one of India’s preeminent investigative journalists.
Guest column by Sam Rajappa
Crime and reward: The Curious Investigation of Rajiv’s Assassination
Explosion that killed Rajiv
Explosion that killed Rajiv
THE wage of crime is punishment. In the scheme of things of the Congress First Family, the wage of selective crime is reward. This has been brought out clearly in the latest book, Conspiracy to Kill Rajiv Gandhi: From the CBI Files, by K Ragothaman, chief investigation officer of the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case. MK Narayanan, then chief of the Intelligence Bureau, had suppressed a vital piece of evidence in the form of a videotape. Vazhapadi Ramamurthy, then president of the Tamil Nadu Congress Committee, had arranged with a videographer to record the entire election meeting Rajiv Gandhi was to address at Sriperumbudur on the fateful night of 21 May 1991.
Vital tape made to vanish
The tape contained vital clues leading up to ‘human bomb’ Dhanu blowing up Rajiv, how she gained access to the sterile zone three hours before her gruesome act, and the people with whom she mingled freely during the long wait till the Congress leader arrived. It washanded over to Narayanan on 22 May itself and he wrote a letter to the then Prime Minister Chandrashekhar the same day stating that the tape was being scanned to “IDENTIFY THE LADY” (in capital letters). The lady referred to was the assassin.
DR Karthikeyan, chief of the Special Investigation Team, restrained Ragothaman from pursuing the tape handed over to Narayanan. When Karthikeyan was asked in a TV debate why he did not allow Ragothaman to pursue the impugned tape, hepleaded amnesia but he could remember all other incidents connected with the assassination in minute details. Narayanan’s letter has become a part of the Justice Verma Commission Report. He cannot deny having written it.
Causing disappearance of evidence in a capital offence is punishable with imprisonment for life under Section 201 of the IPC. And if the offence is committed by a public servant, which Narayanan was, he could be prosecuted under Section 204 IPC as well. The sole charge against Suba Sundaram, one of the 26 accused in the assassination case and sentenced to death by the trial court, was attempt to suppress evidence.
MK Narayan, alleged to have suppressed investigation and rewarded for it
MK Narayan, alleged to have suppressed investigation and rewarded for it
A leading news photographer of Chennai, one of his assistants, Haribabu, was engaged by the assassination squad to photograph Rajiv’s Sriperumbudur meeting. On hearing of Haribabu’s death in the explosion, Sundaram wanted to retrieve the camera. Before he could reach the spot a policeman picked it up. The prosecution maintained that had Sundaram retrieved the camera, he would have concealed the exposed filmroll which turned out to be the vital clue in cracking the case. He was never in possession of the film, yet the SIT managed to get him convicted under Section 201. The Supreme Court freed him after 11 years in prison. He died soon after his release.
Sonia blocks investigation, rewards loyalists
Narayanan was in possession of the tell-tale video tape which he suppressed from the SIT. Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao, reportedly convinced of Narayanan’s culpability, not only superannuated him in 1992 but also ordered the CBI to register a criminal case against him. Such was Sonia Gandhi’s clout with the government institutions even before she edged out Sitaram Kesari as Congress president and occupied his chair that the CBI could not proceed with Case No. 1 of 1995 registered against Narayanan. The case was given a quiet burial by Karthikeyan.[Sic: This Karthikeyan was a Sonia loyalist, promoted CBI director at her insistence. (See below.) NSR]
After Narasimha Rao demitted office, Narayanan was brought back as National Security Adviser and when he and P Chidambaram, then Home Minister, fell out, he was elevated as the Governor of West Bengal, a sinecure he still enjoys.
Suppression of evidence was not the only misdemeanour of Narayanan in the assassination of Rajiv. From the time Sivarasan, leader of the assassination squad, reached Tamil Nadu in 1990, Army intelligence had been keeping surveillance on his activities and the IB was kept informed. On 22 March 1991, Sivarasan was asking Pottu Amman, LTTE intelligence chief in Jaffna, over the telephone, whether to try in Chennai or in Delhi. The taped conversation was promptly conveyed to Narayanan.
Sivarasan was also in telephonic contact with Kittu, LTTE’s London representative. On 7 May, Sivarasan and team conducted a dry run at a public meeting addressed by VP Singh in Chennai and kept Pottu Amman informed of its success. Sixteen pages of Sivarasan’s taped conversation with Pottu Amman made available to Narayanan were produced in court during the trial of the 26 accused. There is no record of any pre-emptive action taken by the IB in spite of the forewarning. To reward such a person, to say the least, is intriguing.
Immediately after the assassination, the Chandrashekhar government requested the Tamil Nadu government to send a panel of three suitable names to select the chief of the SIT. K Mohandas, who had just retired as DGP (Intelligence) of the State police, was the first choice. Chandrashekhar showed the list to Sonia Gandhi. She rejected all the three names and asked for D R Karthikeyan, a Karnataka cadre IPS officer who, like his mentor M K Narayanan, had been a Gandhi family loyalist but with no record of any investigative achievement.
Because of his proximity to the family right from Indira Gandhi’s time, Karthikeyan was given a three-year stint in Moscow as First Secretary in the Indian Embassy and a four-year stint in Sydney as Indian Tea Board representative. After guiding the assassination investigation along the lines the Congress wanted, he was promoted to the coveted post of CBI Director and on retirement made the chief of the National Human Rights Commission. And as a crowning glory, he was awarded the Padma Sri.
[Sic: This was bettered when the late Brijesh Mishra was made Padma Vibhushan when Sonia Gandhi’s UPA Government came to power. It is believed this was for Mishra (then Vajpayee’s National Security Advisor) getting Rahul Gandhi released when he was detained by the FBI in the Logan International Airport in Boston. NSR]
Rajiv misled by insiders
At the time of the 1991 Lok Sabha election, Tamil Nadu was under President’s rule. Governor Bhishma Narain Singh cautioned Rajiv against campaigning in the State for security reasons. The Congress had an alliance with the AIADMK and its leader Jayalalitha accepted full responsibility of campaigning for both the Congress and her party candidates and told Rajiv there was no need for him to visit the State. Rajiv conceded to the request of Maragatham Chandrasekhar, whom he called aunty, and even agreed to spend the night in Sriperumbudur, which was vetoed by the Governor.
Sivarasan had given Rs 5 lakh to Lalith, son of Maragatham Chandrasekhar, Congress candidate for Sriperumbudur. Lalith is married to a Sri Lankan woman who was staying with her parents in the Theosophical Society campus in Chennai before her marriage. Using this Sri Lanka connection, Dhanu, the human bomb, wormed her way into the Maragatham household and became a guest.
The Statesman reported that Dhanu was a house guest of the Congress candidate. A criminal defamation case was filed against this newspaper and its correspondent in Chennai by Maragatham. The case was dropped when documentary evidence was produced to substantiate the report. It is not the contention of this writer that Maragatham did everything that facilitated the assassination with any foreknowledge. But what made Karthikeyan cover up her tracks?
Karthikeyan has taken great pains to identify the brand-name of the nine-volt battery used by Dhanu to detonate the belt-bomb that killed Rajiv as ‘Golden Power’ and got the teenager, Perarivalan, used by Sivarasan as an errand boy to buy it from a shop in Chennai, the death sentence which was confirmed by the Supreme Court along with that of three other bit players. The battery containing cadmium compounds bound in zinc sheet was reduced to smithereens in the explosion, leaving hardly any trace.But the SIT could not locate the hand bag found hanging on the shoulder of Dhanu seconds before the explosion.
Sivarasan’s diary produced in the court had an entry showing he had paid Rs 1.5 crore to some person and that Rs. 45 lakh more was to be given to that person. The bomb Dhanu used to kill Rajiv had RDX which was supplied only to the military and not easily available in the open market. Circumstantial evidence shows the Rs 1.5 crore Sivarasan paid was to the person who supplied the RDX.
Why didn’t Karthikeyan investigate this angle? In any assassination of this nature, who benefited from it would form the main line of investigation which Karthikeyan and his team totally ignored. The moribund Multi-Disciplinary Monitoring Agency set up to inquire into the conspiracy behind Rajiv’s assassination has been hibernating for more than a decade. Will Manmohan Singh activate the MDMA? The nation wants to know the truth behind the conspiracy.
Added note: Several knowledgeable individuals beginning with Dr. Subramanian Swamy (a close friend of Rajiv Gandhi’s) have been alleging that Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated to forestall a major change in the national scene including the first family. Whatever, it is extraordinary that so many members of the first family—Indira, Sanjay and Rahul—should have met with violent ends.
The pattern did not end with Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination. Several members of Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra— his father, brother and a sister have died under mysterious circumstances. Is all this a coincidence or the result of a conspiracy by inimical forces? The mystery has only been deepened by the strange conduct of some family members like Priyanka secretly meeting Nalini who is in prison for her part in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination. This is only the latest twist in the mystery that refuses to disappear.
The writer Sam Rajappa is a veteran journalist and former Director of Statesman Print Journalism School.
Source : Folks Magazine 

Diwali : HJS campaign about Diwali Festival


Diwali : Introduction

Diwali word has been derived from Deepavali which in turn is formed by dipa + avali (row). Hence, Diwali (Deepavali) is a line or a row of lamps. During Diwali, lamps are lit everywhere. Diwali is celebrated on four consecutive days - the thirteenth day (Dhanatrayodashi), the fourteenth day (Narak chaturdashi) and the new moon day (amavasya) [Lakshmipujan] of the dark fortnight of Ashvin and the first day of the bright fortnight of Kartik (Balipratipada). Some exclude the thirteenth and consider only the remaining three days as Diwali. Since Vasubaras and Bhaubij respectively precede and follow Diwali, they are included in it. However in reality they are separate holy festivals.
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Mal effects of firecrackers during Diwali

Those who burst firecrackers are Anti-Social, Anti-national and Anti-religion!

1. Physical: Burns, deafness. Many people die in explosions in factories manufacturing fire-crackers. Sometimes, rocket-crackers set fire to huts, heap of dry grass etc.
2. Economic: Terrorists in Pakistan collect funds from people in the name of Religion, saying they will purchase bullets to kill ‘Kafirs’ (non-believers). The cost of each bullet is Rs.10/-. With the situation so grim and also because the nation is on the brink of insolvency, it is a sin to burn crores of Rupees on bursting fire-crackers every year.
3. Spiritual: Devotional songs (Aarti) or sattvic sounds attract Divine energies and deities. But noise from crackers, full of ‘tama’ component, attract distressing energies. This is what we are witnessing today in the country. The Tama-charged environment affects the human mind adversely and man becomes Tama-oriented. Hence we must impress the ill-effects of crackers upon the young minds and stop them from bursting crackers.

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Read all information about Diwali at :