In the next election whichever political party gets elected even then the worst condition of Bharat and Hindus will not change. To bring the change we have to continue our efforts for the establishment of Hindu Rashtra. - Dr. Athavle...When Governments consistently fail, it is Hindus who must get ready !...H.H.Dr. Jayant Athavale(Sanatan Sanstha)....There is no counter terror strategy except the one I have given in the DNA article...Dr. Swamy....Hindu vote must consolidate with those others who accept Hindu ancestry for a virat Hindustani sarkar...Dr.Swamy

Dr. Subramanian Swamy in support of Sant Shri Asaram Bapu

Dr. Swamy demands Global Alliance against Islamic Terrorism

Press Release of Dr. Swamy Sep 30 : 

Statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy,
President of the Janata Party.

With the growing influence of the Talibans in Pakistan and the ISI-cum- radicals Islamic clergy cartel  coming into being, it is time for India to seek a global ‘Grand  Alliance’ against Islamic terrorism, consisting of U.S., Israel, China and India.  China which is recently facing increasing Islamic terrorist infiltration into its western states is an important ally in this Grand Alliance.
Even if China does not agree to join such a alliance, the three democracies U.S., Israel and India should form such a Global  Alliance  pending a future entry of China, since the openly stated objectives of both the Al-Qaida and Talibans is the destruction of these three  democratic nations.  Time is running out since the Islamic forces are now infecting the minds of the domestic Muslim population in all the three countries to breed ‘home grown’ terrorists.

Source : Subramanian Swami

Dr.Subramanian Swamy Demands President's Rule in J&K

Chennai | PTI:SEP,29 : Taking exception to an attempt to pass a resolution in Jammu and Kashmir Assembly seeking clemency for Parliament attack case convict Afzal Guru, Janata Party chief Subramanian Swamy today demanded imposition of President's rule in that state.
In a statement here, he said "anti national" forces had gathered to imitate the "stupid anti-national resolution" passed by the Tamil Nadu Assembly seeking amnesty for the killers of Rajiv Gandhi.

"I demand that the Central government immediately bring Jammu and Kashmir under the President's rule and hand over the maintenance of law and order in the state to the Indian Army," he said.
He also demanded that the Centre direct the Tamil Nadu government under Article 256 of the Constitution to move a resolution withdrawing the 'anti-national' resolution passed by the assembly urging the President to reconsider the mercy pleas of three death row convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case.

"If Tamil Nadu assembly does not withdraw that resolution, the Centre must recommend the imposition of President's rule in Tamil Nadu as well," he added.

Source : Outlookindia

Bye-bye Chidu? SC ruling today in 2G case could seal his fate

FP Editors: A big day coming up for Union Home Minister P Chidambaram, a day that could seal his political fate.That fate hinges on two developments that might unfold today: the first is an expected ruling by the Supreme Court on Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy’s petition seeking a CBI investigation into Chidambaram’s alleged role in the 2G scam.If the court orders a CBI investigation, Chidambaram will perforce have to resign.

A big day ahead for P Chidambaram. PTI
The second is Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s return from his overseas travel, which will trigger another round of political jockeying within the UPA government, which has been forced on the defensive in the 2G scam case in the light of the latest revelations.
Of the two, the more significant development will be the Supreme Court ruling.
Yesterday, the Patiala House trial court hearing Swamy’s petition seeking to make Chidambaram an accused in the 2G scam case deferred the hearing on the case until October 12. Although that gives the Congress and Chidambaram a bit of a breather, a favourable Supreme Court ruling today (on Swamy’s petition) would give the green flag to the trial court proceedings, Swamy pointed out.
Swamy has alleged that the issue of spectrum pricing was decided by former telecom minister A Raja along with Chidambaram, who was then the finance minister.
Swamy has also filed documents in the court showing that between January and July 2008, Raja and Chidambaram has met on four occasions to decide spectrum prices.
The Central Government and the CBI have opposed Swamy’s petition for an investigation into Chidambaram’s alleged role in the scam and told the Supreme Court that it cannot interfere or direct police to make any person an accused.
Swamy has said that he will plead in the Supreme Court that he had provided a large amount of documentary proof of Chidambaram’s involvement in the 2G scam, but that the CBI had not even questioned Chidambaram.
Swamy said that Chidambaram would be represented in the Supreme Court on Tuesday by his counsel PP Rao.
Early on Tuesday, Swamy said: “Today could be a turning point in our modern history. But we should train ourselves not to be ecstatic in victory or depressed by reverse.”
Speculation continues about whether or not Chidambaram offered to resign when he met UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi yesterday at her 10 Janpath residence in New Delhi.
Later on Monday evening, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee too met Sonia Gandhi to explain his version of the story in the wake of the controversy over the Finance Ministry’s note in the 2G case.
In a related development in the 2G case on Monday, the CBI filed fresh charges that could lead to life imprisonment for all accused. Thus far, the charges against the accused could have led to a maximum imprisonment of seven years but by imposing Section 409 (Criminal breach of public trust) of the Indian Penal Code, the CBI is pushing for life imprisonment term for all the accused if they are found guilty.
The accused include Raja, DMK MP Kanimozhi and business tycoons like Shahid Usman Balwa (DB Realty owner and promoter of Swam telecom) and Sharat Kumar of Kalaignar TV.
Source : FP

2G Case : Dr. Subramanian Swamy's reply on 27 Sept in Supreme Court to make P.Chidambaram co-accused in 2G Case


Read the conclusion at the end of this article : 
1. In their FIR dated 29.10.09, registered under Section 156of the Cr. P.C in Chapter XII, the CBI had recorded [on p. 3] that in the 2G Spectrum Scam, the offences committed were:

(1)that the licences were issued at a very nominal rate based on prices fixed in the year 2001.
(2) that Swan and Unitech were allowed to off load their shares to Etisalat and Telenor respectively even before roll—out.

2. Section 161 (1) in Chapter XII vests powers with the CBI to investigate these offences in the FIR, in particular to examine any person “supposed to be acquainted with the facts and circumstances of the case”.

3. It is my case here that the documents placed in my IA make out clearly that not only Mr. Chidambaram could be supposed tobe acquainted with the facts, butprima facie he was active in the commission of the said offences. P. P. Rao’s assurance in Written Submissions on p.4.

4. As far as the first offence of fixing licence price at the 2001 level is concerned, the October 2003 Cabinet Resolution mandated the FM and Mc&iT to jointly decide it, and in pursuance of this mandate the two Ministers did meet on three occasions i.e., 30.1.08; 29.5.08, and 12.6.08.

5. Chidambaram also wrote to Rajaon April 21, 2008 [ IA No.18, Annexure F p.33] to meet to“ reach some conclusions”( to finalise the Spectrum charges), before jointly presenting the conclusions to the PM on July 4, 2008. This the fourth meeting.

6. This makes it clear that it was a joint decision after a meeting of minds.That is, Chidambaram had a meeting of minds with A. Raja in acts of the latter for which Raja has become an accused in the CBI charge sheet.

7. In the second offence, Chidambaram had advised Raja that it was legal to “dilute” the shares [ IA No. 24, p.13]. This has to be legally analysed since the Swan and Unitech got a huge bonanza according to the FIR,

8. But the CBI in the Charge Sheet however, as late as April 2, 2011 [IA 18, p.14 last para], and in reply to my letters [ IA No.18,paras 5&6 p. 44B] gavea clean chit to the MoF.Even in the secret briefing yesterday by CBI Director.

9. The Office Memo emanating from Finance Ministry signed by a Deputy Director show the sequence of meetings which make it clear that it was a decision solely of the then Finance Minister to go along or encourage Raja to commit the crime.

10. What is clear from the records is that CBI seems to be unaware of the any documents after the letter of the FS of 22.11.07 to the DoT Secretary.

11. Nothing on record shows that the CBI perused thesedocumentsof subsequent dates.The CBI’s charge sheet does not go beyond November 22, 2007.

12. In fact, the CAG Report [p.26-27] should have alerted the CBI to search for the documents if they did not have it. It appears the CBI chose not to do so.

13. It ignores the lead of CAG Report violating the Directions of this Hon’ble Court [in )2011) 1 SCC 560 at 576 para 19]. Hence it is a malafide truncated inquiry,


14. In their counter arguments, the Learned Counsels for the CBI and Mr. Chidambaram did not challenge any of my documents.

15. Nor the CBI’s Learned Counsel squarely answered Your Lordships’ query as to when the CBI, if at all, came to know of these documents that I had placed before Your Lordships.The CBI therefore needs to be put on the mat.

16. It is my submission therefore is that especially where a prima facie case of inexplicable truncation of the investigation takes place, this Hon’ble Court within the parameters of the December 16, 2010 Order must intervene and hold that for completeness, Mr. Chidambaram must necessarily be interrogated.

17. The Learned Counsel for CBI did not rebut these arguments but instead chose to make unfoundedargumentsbased on technicalities.

18. The first example of unfounded technicality is: that policy decisions cannot be questioned by this Hon’ble Court. If the policy decisions are arbitrary, unreasonable, and or malafide, there is a catena of judgments of this Hon’ble Court that indeed it can be [(1994) 6 SCC 651 at 675 para 70].

19. This is precisely what Mr. SubbaRao deposed under oath before the PAC. What Ld. Counsel for CBI read out was what SubbaRao did till 22/11/07.

20. Second example is: thatno criminality has been alleged. That is for the trial court to consider and not here. Raja resigned following the CAG Report and a case was registered, he was first summoned under Section 161(1). Or for that matter Jaswant Singh and Shourie.

21. Under PC Act Section 13(1)(d) money trail to Chidambaram is not necessaryeven for launching prosecution. Only public interest is necessary.

22. Third example of unfounded technicality is that the CBI monitoring was for the CBI case filed in the Trial Court. Not true. The CBI investigation came under monitoring of this Hon’ble Court much before the CBI filed its charge sheet on April 3, 2011.

23. Moreover there is no Application for closure from the CBI.

24. Nor the Narmadabai case helps the CBI and UOI. Even if the full and final Charge Sheet is filed in the trial court, even then two of the most recent judgments one of Narmada Bai [(2011) 5 SCC 79 at 102, para 70] andin JakiaAhesan case, this Hon’ble Court has not barred a new Application for further direction;

25. At this stage it needs to be pointed out that Your Lordships’ Order of December 16, 2010 on monitoring arose out of the SLP filed by CPIL.

26. It was not referenced to any CBI case because till I filed my private complaint in TizHazari, which was delayed due to the PM failing to act on my application for sanction, CBI was investigating offences by unknown persons. Hence to link my plea in this IA to “another case” is absurd.

27. Moreover, I cannot expect the Trial Court u/s Cr.P.C. 202 to order a CBI inquiry. The Court is barred by two SC judgments from doing so. Asking Delhi Police to investigate the Home Minister would be ridiculous.

28. Hence there is no substance in these technical argument.


29. Based on the records submitted herein in this IA, the CBI investigation into the question of culpability for the offence and subsequent loss of revenue willfully caused, is on the face of the records, is clearly truncated and incomplete.This Hon’ble Court could consider a SIT.

30. Thus, my Prayer [ IA No.18 p.7-8 ] herein is that the CBI be directed to investigate Mr. P. Chidambaram and file a status report in this Hon’ble Court.

Soiurce : Janata Party

Subramanian Swamy claims threat from Congress, jihadis

NEW DELHI: After tormenting the government over 2G cases in court, Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy has pointed to an enhanced security threat from Congress activists and Islamic radicals to seek a house in central Delhi for a safer environment. 

The former MP recently wrote to the government stating that his success in courts and his "constructive" views on Islamic terrorism had led to an increase in threats. The situation was compounded by his living in Nizamuddin East, which is accessible to Congress workers as well as Islamic radicals. 

The request is with the home ministry and is being evaluated in the light of Swamy referring to a case of vandalism at his residence which he says was organized by the Congress. The leader's comment that Muslims be denied voting rights if they did not recognize their Hindu legacy ignited a controversy and led to demands that his assignment at Harvard be terminated. 

In his letter, Swamy has said that Harvard University extended him security during travel in the US and in classrooms and also quoted a representation by retired judges, civil servants and armed forces personnel for improved protection. 

Arguing that he needs safer housing, Swamy said he would like a "AB type" official residence, with a ground and first floor besides an enclosed lawn, in an area like Pandara Road, Mathura Road or Zakir Hussain Marg in central Delhi. Swamy hoped that the government has the political will to act on his request. 

When contacted, Swamy told TOI, "I had received a threat letter from al-Qaida sometime back and then another letter from LTTE. I forwarded these letters (to the police)."

Source : TOI

Chidambaram is a traitor: Dr. Swamy

Indore Sep 26 : Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy has said that it would not be possible to stop terrorism till P Chidambaram is home minister. 

“He is a traitor and the most corrupt minister in the UPA government. There are proofs of his anti-national activities, which I have placed before court. He has Rs 50,000 crore in foreign banks,” Swamy said in response to a query at a ‘Meet the press’ programme held at Indore Press Club on Sunday.Elaborating, Swamy said Chidambaram as finance minister manipulated  the stock market, doctored its rise and fall for vested interest. As finance minister, he insisted on buying paper used for printing Indian currency notes from a London (UK) firm, which also supplied it to Pakistan.

This posed the risk of Pakistan intelligence agency ISI circulating fake currency notes in India. “Similarly, he introduced participatory note cash that was another threat to Indian economy. There are seven to eight large scams, if unearthed, would confine him to jail for rest of life,” he said. 

While discussing Chidambaram’s role in 2G spectrum scam as finance minister, Swamy said he dismissed advice of officials who warned him at every stage of low spectrum pricing.
Last Wednesday, Swamy submitted to the Supreme Court documents indicating that Chidambaram along with jailed former communications minister A Raja was involved in deciding the 2G spectrum price.
“Raja acted on Chidambaram’s directives. CBI should investigate it. Either, it doesn’t have documents or it is hiding it,” Swamy remarked.
Indirectly, he held BJP-led NDA government responsible for the 2G scam, as it was Atal Bihari Vajapyee-led NDA government which in 2003 decided that spectrum licenses would be finalised by finance and telecom minister who in turn would apprise of their decision to union cabinet.
“Had I been prime minister, I would have asked the cabinet to decide it because it involves large sums of money,” Swamy said in response to query. When Congress-led UPA government came to power, it asked finance and telecom minister to report directly to prime minister.
Spectrum licenses were sold to non-telecom, foreign firms Etisalat linked to ISI and Telenor, a Norway company that uses Chinese telecom instruments. “This risked our important information being hacked by Chinese. Then home minister Shivraj Patil’s circular that the two companies should not be given license was overlooked,” Swamy added.
On PM Manmohan Singh
Congress party wants to pull him down from the post. He is like Mahabharat’s Dhrihtrashtra or Bhishmacharya who despite knowing the wrong didn’t stop it (scam).

On Jan Lokpal BillI don’t agree with most of its provisions as we have sufficient laws to jail the guilty, corrupt. Jailed A Raja, Kanimozi are an example. Only benefit is that prosecution sanction will not be required from government.

On Tihar JailCooks at Tihar jail are learning to make idli-sambar for south Indians A Raja and others. I told them they would soon have to make pizza and spaghetti. 

Source : HT

2G: Raja claims Chidambaram 'knew it all'

New Delhi: Former telecom minister A Raja's lawyer, Sushil Kumar, on Monday told the court that Union Home Minister P Chidambaram was a party to all the decisions taken in connection with the 2G spectrum allocation.
He, however, clarified that he was not making an attempt to present Chidambaram as an accused.
"I am not calling P Chidambaram an accused but he knew everything. He was acquainted with all facts and circumstances of the case," he said.
Raja's lawyer also said that the statement of the home minister should have been taken in September 2010 itself.
Kumar asserted that there was no difference of opinion between Raja and Chidambaram, adding that the allocation was a Cabinet decision and that the entire Cabinet must be made to face the trial.
"It was a decision taken by 2003 Cabinet and followed by all subsequent Cabinets. Why is only my client in jail?"
"Call Chidambaram as a witness under Section 311and let him accept or deny weather he gave the advice in presence of PM or not, and then let the court decide if it wants to call the PM," said Sharma.
Earlier on Monday, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Monday filed fresh charges in connection with the 2G spectrum allocation scam, seeking life imprisonment for all the accused.
Till now, the charges against the accused could have led them to a maximum imprisonment of seven years.
Special Public Prosecutor U U Lalit filed an application before Special CBI Judge O P Saini, saying a case of criminal breach of trust under Section 409 of the Indian Penal Code is "certainly made out" against Raja, his former private secretary R K Chandolia and former telecom secretary Siddharth Behura.
The CBI plea said besides Raja and two former officials, all others, including DMK MP Kanimozhi and three telecom firms should be charged under section 409 (criminal breach) read with 120 B (criminal conspiracy) of the IPC.
"It is submitted that accused 1, 2, and 3 (Raja, Behura and Chandolia) were public servants having a dominion over valuable 2G spectrum in their respective capacities as public servants," said the CBI application.
"The said accused public servants in pursuance of conspiracy with other accused dishonestly disposed of the valuable 2G spectrum illegally and in violation of the existing policies and the eligibility criterion in order to confer wrongful gain on accused no 4 (Swan Telecom promoter Shahid Usman Balwa), 5 (Vinod Goenka), 6 (Swan Telecom), 7 (MD of Unitech Sanjay Chandra) and 8 (Unitech Wireless Tamil Nadu Ltd)," the CBI told the court.
"Thus, accused Raja, Behura and Chandolia have committed an offence punishable under section 409 IPC and all other accused have committed an offence punishable under section 409 read with section 120 B IPC. With the cognisance of this court (they) should be charged accordingly," the application said.
Earlier, all the accused were slapped with cheating and criminal conspiracy charges. Raja was additionally charged with forgery.
In another related development on Monday, the hearing of Janata Party chief Subramanian Swamy's application, pleading for Union Home Minister P Chidambaram to be made an accused in the 2G case, was deferred till October 12.
Swamy expressed hope that his petition in Supreme Court asking for a CBI probe against Chidambaram would be decided by then.
(With Additional Inputs from PTI)

Source : IBNLIVE

Supreme Court to study 30 more crucial 2G letters submitted by Dr. Swamy


  • As the Supreme Court resumes further hearings on the finance ministry’s note to the PMO allegedly holding then finance minister P. Chidambaram and communications minister A. Raja jointly responsible for fixing the 2G spectrum price, the court is also set to examine 30 other crucial letters and notes exchanged at the highest levels on the issue.
    The details of all these documents have been placed on record by Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy.
    Apart from the 'revealing' March 25, 2011 note sent by the department of economic affairs to the PMO, the other letters and notes exchanged at the highest level include 12 communications from the PMO to the finance ministry, seven letters and notes by the DEA to the PMO and two 'endorsement notes' by the PMO of October 8 and December 1, 2008.

    The 12 communications from the PMO to the finance ministry were sent between July 29, 2005 and November 25, 2008, while the DEA’s letters to the PMO were between June 13, 2008 and November 3, 2008.
    Besides the 21 communications between the PMO and the finance ministry, Dr Swamy placed on record a chart on 10 letters exchanged between the Cabinet Secretary, finance secretary and telecom secretary on the question of referring the 2G spectrum price issue to the Group of Ministers headed by Pranab Mukherjee.
    Raja letters, meet with Chidambaram under scanner
    On the GOM issue in the 2G spectrum case, the Cabinet Secretary sent three letters to the finance secretary and the same numbers of communications were sent back by the latter.
    Apart from this, two letters of former communications minister Raja to the PM on February 28 and November 16, 2006, opposing referring of the spectrum price issue to the GOM were also placed on record.
    An identical letter of telecom secretary on June 15 to the finance ministry, explaining the reasons for not referring the spectrum price issue to the GOM, are expected to be examined by the top court on Tuesday.
    The documents revealed that the Cabinet Secretariat had been consistently asking the finance ministry to refer the spectrum issue to the GOM and it was even supported by the DEA till its latest referred communication of June 6, 2007. But the January 30, 2008 meeting between Chidambaram and Raja seemed to have finally clinched the issue by deciding the price fixation without placing before the GOM.
    The minutes of the January 30, 2008 meeting, which the government earlier said did not exist, but now placed on record by Mr Swamy, stated that “finance minister (Mr Chidambaram in the meeting) said that for now, we are not seeking to revisit the current regimes for entry fee for revenue sharing”.
    It was noted in the meeting between the two ministers that “there is a mismatch in the demand and supply of spectrum across circles. Redressing this mismatch will be another policy imperative,” the minutes recorded by the then finance secretary D. Subbarao said.
    Swamy had alleged that the January 30 meeting between Chidambaram and Raja proved the 'clincher' for fixing the price at Rs. 1,650 crores as base entry fee for 2G spectrum, which was the price actually fixed in 2001.

    Source : Asian Age 

    Dr. Swamy visits Bhojshala

    Dhar(MP), Sep 25 (PTI) : 
    Reviving the controversial Bhojshala issue, Janata Party President Subramanian Swamy today claimed the Shlokas in Sanskrit language were engraved at a place where idol of Waghdevi (Goddess Saraswati) was earlier installed in the sanctum-sanctorum."After visiting the Bhojshala and personally inspecting the place where the idol of Waghdevi was established by the Raja Bhoj, I found that shlokas in Sanskrit language were engraved at that place," he told a press conference.Swamy arrived here to visit the disputed Bhojshala where Hindus offer puja every Tuesday and Muslims offer Namaz every Friday as part of an arrangement made by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Rest of the days it is opened for all.He said he would file a petition in a London court where the idol is kept in a museum to bring it back to India like the idol of Natraj which he had claimed in a similar fashion.

    Source : PTI

    O Hindus, Protest Move to ban Sanatan Sanstha !

    25 Sept : Sanatan Sanstha Press Release 

    What is the Issue?

    The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and the Samajwadi Party, in Maharashtra have proposed that Sanatan Sanstha an organisation committed to the
    protection of Dharma be banned.

    Why has the ban been proposed? 

    Shri. Sharad Pawar, the president of NCP and Shri. RR Patil, Home minister Maharashtra along with a few other members of the ruling party have come out
    strongly saying,

    The pretext
    The actual fact
    “Let him be a Hindu or a Muslim, he has to be punished. Sanatan and Bajrang Dal were involved in bomb blasts at Thane in Mumbai,
    India but nothing is being said about them.”They have also involved in Rabodi and Dhule riots.
    The Police clearly stated that there is no absolute involvement of Sanstha in this matter and accused committed blast at their own.
    There is no any mention of Sanatan Sanstha in the Charge sheet Judgment submitted by Police and Judgment given by Session Court of
    Shri. R.R. Patil states “There is an urgent need to ban extremist organizations like Bajarang Dal, Sanatan and SIMI who are
    involved in spreading terror all over the nation through various means thereby hindering the financial, social and cultural
    progress of the nation.”

    Actually Sanatan Sanstha is world famous organization for their nationalistic activities. We conducts workshops for first-aid, fire
    fighting and relief measures. We have published more than 300 book in various languages. Shri. R.R. Patil quoted this statement of comparing SIMI is very unfortunate. They are comparing us with Anti-National organisations. This is very insulting to us is a stunt
    for appeasement of Muslims.
    “Literature of Sanatan Sanstha is extremely provocative and propagates hatred against anyone who opposes Hinduism. Therefore they should be banned.”

    We write only absolute truth. But in present stating the truth himself iskind of violence. Sanstha has sold more than 25 lacks books on various subjects on Spirituality. In the Earlier Eras (Yug) The demons also feeling negative about the Deities, there worship, Holy scriptures. So their tendency was to destroy it, burn it. Same thing is repeating in Kaliyuga. Sanatan publications content truth, which Politicians like Shri. Sharad Pawar and Home Minister dislikes.

    Sanatan Sanstha not involved in any unlawful activities :
    A. We would like to make it very clear that perhaps on account of two incidents Govt. of Maharashtra has sent the proposal to impose ban on our Sanstha. However, it may be noted that Sanatan Sanstha or any of its office bearers are not involved, directly or indirectly, in those incidents and were not at an accused in the cases in question.

    B. It is pertinent to note that Maharashtra Government tried to implicate all the accused in the said case for the offences under the provisions of Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act knowing it fully well that there is absolutely no evidence against the accused to charge them under those sections of different Acts, more particularly under the provisions of Unlawful Activities ( Prevention ) Act, 1967. It may be noted that the Sessions Judge hasmade the following scathing observations in his Judgment in respect of Sessions Case No. 660 of 2008 which pertains to the bomb blast at Gadakari Rangayatan, Thane, Maharashtra. The Judgement delivered on 30.8.2011 clearly shows that the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) at the instance of Maharashtra Government filed the charge sheet without sufficient evidence and with ulterior motive.

    On page 117 of the judgement, Hon.’ble Justice mentioned, “It is nowhere in the case of the prosecution that the accused by their acts intended to threaten or likely to threaten unity, integrity, security or sovereignty of India. The words ‘strike terror' signifies the meaning "hit hard to create extreme fear”. “Therefore Section 15 of the Unlawful Activities ( Prevention ) Act, 1967 is not applicable”.

    On page 128 of the said Judgment para 142 reads that “The act of crime proved as against accused cannot be termed as terrorist act within the meaning
    of Sec. 15 of Unlawful Activities ( Prevention ) Act, 1967 nor the sanction obtained by the prosecution to prosecute the accused under the said
    provisions is legal and valid”.

    Thus, it can be seen that till date neither Sanatan Sanstha nor any of its office bearers are accused of any offenses whatsoever as the activities of the Sanatan Sanstha are always carried out strictly according to law.

    The actual reason

    • With elections around the corner Shri. Sharad Pawar and Shri RR Patil, are looking for votes from the Muslim community through a policy of

    • In fact Shri. Sharad Pawar and Shri. RR Patil have no case and are just trying to make some Hindu organisation a scapegoat to appease the
    % of Muslims in Maharastra – 10.6% - approximately 10 million potential voters.

    Who is Sanatan, HJS and who is Simi ?

    Just for the home minister’s information …
    Comparison between Sanatan Sanstha, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and SIMI

    According to Maharashtra Govt. Sanatan and HJS work is Anti-National and similar to SIMI. So they are planning to ban them. Following comparison chart
    between Sanatan Sanstha, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and SIMI (Student Islamic Movement of India) will give you a clear view whether Sanatan and HJS is
    anti-national like SIMI or Pro-National ?

    Sanatan Sanstha

    Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

    Student Islamic Movement of India(SIMI)

    Spreading spirituality in scientific language  all over the World.

    Protection of Hindu Dharma by legal manner.

    Converting every Indian to Islam by terror.


    Imparting Spiritual knowledge from past 18 years and guiding curious to Spirituality.

    Uniting many Hindu organizations, sects to save Hindu Dharma.

    Involved in almost all riots and bomb blast in India since its foundation.

    Conduct workshops on stress management, moral Values, and Personality development for youth.

    Conducts various campaigns to stop denigration of Hindu Dharma and culture.

    Sending Muslims youth for terrorist training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    Helping Police for traffic co-ordination while Public festivals processions, Conduct Stress Management workshops for Police.

    Conduct all activities with due permission of Police.

    More than 100 SIMI workers arrested by police in link of Bomb blast. Also involved in brutally beating Police in riots.

    Conducts Satsangs, Balsanskarwarg, lectures on various subjects on Spirituality.  

    Conduct Dharmashikshan workshops, Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabhas in various states of India.

    Spreading terrorism in all parts of India in the name of ‘Jihad’

    Sanatan have undertaken campaigns against denigration of flag on 26 Jan and 15 august each year, relief measures in calamities,
    training in First Aid and Fire Fighting, appropriate campaigns to create awareness of righteousness (Dharma) and nation building.

    Stop denigration of Hindu deities, opposed anti-Hindu painter MF Hussain, campaign to support death penalty to terrorist Afzhal
    Guru, until now conducted 43 Dharmajagruti sabhas. campaign to stop distortion of India map, save temples, exhibition on Hindu
    genocide in kashmir.

    Only one aim to destroy Hindu Dharma, Hindus and Hindu culture.  Convert India as Islamic country.


    No fund, Works on ‘Arpan’ of seekers and society.

    Voluntarily fund given by Hindus.

    Funded by Arab Countries and Islamic countries to destabilize India.


    Working on blessings of various Saints and God.

    Working on Blessings of various Saints and God.

    Strongly linked with international terrorists outfits like Al-Qaida, HuJI

    What will happen if the ban gets passed?

    Physical level – If the Congress government considered Sanatan Sanstha and HJS which are engaged in the mission of nation and Dharma with the
    anti-national and heretic terrorists and brings a ban, it will be a matter of honour for both these organisations. The name of the above two
    organisations will be written in history with golden letters as the ban is for its ‘Hindutva’ stance and at the same time the name of the Congress will
    be registered as anti-National and heretic. The growth of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh after the ban was remarkable. Similarly the noble task of Sanatan
    for protection of nation and awakening of Dharma will also grow by leaps and bounds!’

    What can you do to prevent the proposed ban from going forward?

    1. Participate in online drive on

    2. Tell your friends about this incident and suggest them to send maximum letters to Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Governor of Maharashtra, President
    and Prime Minister of Bharat (India)

    3. Give idea about this ban to local Pro-Hindu leaders of Political parties, Hindu organizations as well as Spiritual leaders of local Sects.

    4. Ask Pro-Hindu MLA’s and MP’s to raise this issue in Assembly.

    5. If you are Internet savvy spread this message to maximum Groups/Communities.

    6. You can write related matter on Display boards.

    Let it not be said that “Hindus stood by and watched” ?

    Its time to Unite ! 

    No evidence against PM so far in 2G scam: Dr. Swamy

    New Delhi: Backing the Prime Minister, Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy on Saturday said that no evidence had come on record as of now to show that  Manmohan Singh had made substantial changes in any procedures in spectrum licenses allocation. 
    In a statement today, Swamy also said that there was an attempt to drag in the Prime Minister in the 2G row.

    However, according to a newspaper report, the PM had given in to pressure from former telecom minister Dayanidhi Maran to let the issue of pricing of 2G spectrum remain with the Telecom Ministry.

    The report was based on documents which were accessed through RTI by advocate Vivek Garg. The documents clearly stated that the PM was party to the decision which allowed the Telecom Ministry to take a call on the pricing of 2G spectrum.

    And based on that decision, A Raja as telecom minister allocated the 2G spectrum in 2008 at 2001 prices, giving birth to the country’s biggest scam, it was reported.

    The revelations have come at a time when the UPA is battling to put forward a brave face, in the wake of emergence of a Finance Ministry note to PMO which stated that P Chidambaram, as the then finance minister, could have prevented the scam by putting his foot down on the price of 2G spectrum.

    Meanwhile, the BJP has trained guns on the PM seeking explanation from him on his role in diluting the terms of reference of GoM.

    Party spokesperson Prakash Javadekar said that PM owes an explanation to the nation as it is a matter of his complicity in the scam.

    Source : zeenews