In the next election whichever political party gets elected even then the worst condition of Bharat and Hindus will not change. To bring the change we have to continue our efforts for the establishment of Hindu Rashtra. - Dr. Athavle...When Governments consistently fail, it is Hindus who must get ready !...H.H.Dr. Jayant Athavale(Sanatan Sanstha)....There is no counter terror strategy except the one I have given in the DNA article...Dr. Swamy....Hindu vote must consolidate with those others who accept Hindu ancestry for a virat Hindustani sarkar...Dr.Swamy

Dr. Subramanian Swamy in support of Sant Shri Asaram Bapu

Don't celebrate 31st & Live as a true Hindu at least for a day !

O Hindus, celebrate New Year as per Hindu tradition and follow Hindu Dharma & Culture

December 30 2011 :
Welcome the New Year by celebrating Samvatsararambh: Chaitra Shukla Pratipada
Celebrations on the eve of the Western New Year, that is 1st January, is accepted by Hindus as a day of celebration for them as well. They make big plans for this day, with regards to shopping, eating at a restaurant, taking a vacation, etc. And mind you this is not only in big cities, it is also happening in villages, which do not even have the basic amenities of regular electricity and water supply ! By aping the West you are not only destroying your own tradition but are also impressing materialistic values upon the future generation. Hindus are completely in the dark about this fact. This article is therefore meant to highlight these facts.

Difference between 31st Dec & Chaitra Shukla Pratipada for celebrating New Year :
31 st December :
-Day changes at midnight
-No change in environment
-No Spiritual and Scientific reasons present

Chaitra Shukla Pratipada/ Hindu New Year:
-Day changes with sunrise
-Positive changes in environment
-Spiritual and Scientific reasons present

Conversion’ for a day !

When a person converts to a new religion he begins to follow the customs and celebrates festivals of that religion. In the same way, in neglecting our own customs if we Hindus start celebrating Christmas or New Year as per the Christian calendar, then even if it be for a day we too are like converts to Christianity ! Hindus are completely oblivious to the fact that they will have to face the demerits of neglecting their own rituals and of being anti-Hindu, for following the materialistic 'Western days of celebration'. Today, to create respect for their religion and Dharma amongst Hindus, religious education is an absolute necessity.

Hindus endow more importance to 31st December !

Nowadays, from the young to the old, all wish each other a 'Happy New Year' or send greeting cards, on the night of 31st December; but Chaitra Shukla Pratipada is the New Year as per our Hindu culture. They consider this as a prestige point. In fact you will find only a handful of Hindus greeting each other on the occasion of Chaitra Shukla Pratipada.

Parents of the materialistic new generation are in hibernation !

As per the Hindu religion every auspicious event begins with ritualistic worship at the auspicious time (Brahma muhurta), which is on awakening at dawn, after a bath, wearing clean attire and ornaments. As a result, the sattva component in the atmosphere creates good impressions on the doer.

On the eve of the Western New Year people drink and make merry, in other words spend the night enjoying the pleasures of life. Thus automatically impressions of materialism are created on their subconscious minds. Besides, since at night the atmosphere is tama predominant the tama component in them grows. People are unaware of this because of the lack of religious education; the young generation falls prey to this materialism, fun and frolic. Their parents too are completely oblivious about what is happening to their children.

Destroy the invasion of foreign culture in the form of the demon Ravan

Today the Hindu religion is being attacked on all fronts, influence by Western culture being the most invasive. It is the duty of each and every Hindu to combat this attack. Just as on the day of Gudhi Padva Lord Rama killed the demon Ravan and returned to Ayodhya to hoist the flag of victory, so also Hindus must now combat Ravan who has assumed the form of Western cultural invasion and raise the Gudhi this year !

Hindus! Live as a true Hindu at least for a day !

On this day one can take note of the 'do's' and don'ts' given below -
1. Do not wish a fellow Hindu 'Happy New Year' either on 31st December or 1st January.
2. If a fellow Hindu greets you that way, take time to explain to him how this is wrong and impress upon him that Chaitra Shukla Pratipada is actually our new year.
3. Instead of sending New Year greetings to relatives and friends for 1st January, do it on Chaitra Shukla Pratipada.
4. Ensure that you pass on this valuable information to your near and dear ones, thus preventing them from sinning by celebrating New Year on a day other than our real New Year.
5. Remember that ushering in the New Year on Chaitra Shukla Pratipada will help you develop pride in your religion, nation and language.

Samvatsararambh: Chaitra Shukla Pratipada

The wheel of Time that begins on Samvatsar-arambh day is related to the origin of the Universe and is beneficial for mankind. The period commencing on 1st January is related to the Dissolution of the Universe and is detrimental. Hence, celebrate the Samvatsar-arambh day !

A flyer creating awareness about the disadvantages of New Year celebrations on 1 st Jan. One HJS visitor sent this to us.

Source : Hindu JanJagruti Samiti

Dr. Swamy's speech at book release "Battleground India" by Maloy Dhar(former official of IB)

December 30 2011 :
Yesterday on 29th december dr. subramanian swamy released a book "Battleground India : Prognosis of Hindu Muslims Exclusivism" by Shri MK
Dhar, formal Joint Director - IB and also author of much acclaimed
book "Open Secrets - How Indian Intelligence works".

Book Name :

Dr. Swamy's Keynote address points to the Twentieth Congress of Vedanta at JNU Campus

December 28 2011:

Today Dr. Swamy will be addressing The World Congress on Vedanta on "India's Identity" at the JNU campus.Below are points from Dr. Swamy's Keynote address.




•Since becoming free of British Imperialist rule in 1947, modern India’s ideological space had been for the subsequent four and half decades circumscribed by an essentially a pro-Soviet Union and Left--leaning socialist, secular and ostensibly democratic framework,Philosophical issues were also debated within that framework, termed loosely as “Marxist”.

•The Left-leaning intellectuals saw the Indian identity in a geographical and not civilisationally or philosophically, as of a peninsular area created as a by-product of British Imperialism and colonisation, as a multi-national, multi-ethnic, and multi-lingual modern state. Any argument that India has an overriding civilizational identity was condemned as “communal” or “saffron”. They advocated that secular focus required that history and the social dynamics be interpreted as economics or materialist driven.

1. The renaissance in thought initiated by Bankim Chatterjee, Sri Aurobindo, Swami Vivekananda, Dr. Ambedkar, and Mahatma Gandhi in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century in harmonizing the material growth and spiritual advancement, was aborted after 1950 when the Soviet Union’s influence took hold in the academia and intellectual discourse. The Left version of Indian history was fundamentally no different from what Macaulay to Max Mueller had designed for a purpose.

2. But now a certain consensus is thus taking shape all over the world that material progress alone will not increase the feeling of well-being of a people. It has to blend with spiritual and implied moral values, that is values to make national development meaningful to the people.

3. Society of course as Swami Vivekanand observed, needs to eat and live tolerably well.Material progress is thus necessary, but it must not be an end in itself. We thus have to modify today’s Globalisation phenomenon accordingly.

4. This is a fundamental philosophical issue, and the premise of our true national identity— the development of an integral human empowered to pursue material progress and one who does not sacrifice spirituality or the basic values of inter-personal relationship, moral values and environmental concerns.

5. We Indians have however been waffling on the question of identity now for over six decades.Since Independence from colonial rule, in 1947 Indians have been grappling with the question of ‘who are we’? This as-yet-unanswered question represents India's identity crisis.

6. We have now to call for a closure on this subject. The failure to date, to resolve this crisis, has not only confused the majority but confounded the minorities as well. However, without a resolution of the crisis, which requires an explicit clear answer to this question, the majority will never understand how to relate to the legacy of the nation, and to the minorities.

7. Minorities would understand how to adjust with the majority only if this identity crisis is resolved. In other words, the present dysfunctional perceptional mismatch in understanding of who are we as a people, is behind most of the communal tension and inter-community distrust in the country. It also weakens India's integrity.

8. In India, the majority is the conglomerate Hindu community which represents about 81% of the total Indian population, while minorities are constituted by Muslims [13%] and Christians [3%].

9.Sikhs, Jains, Parsis, and some other small religious groups, represent the remaining 3%.Though these groups are also considered minorities, but are really so close to the majority community in culture that they are considered as partners of Hindu society.

10. Unlike Islam and Christianity, these minority religions were born as dissenting theologies of Hinduism. They share the core concepts with Hindus such as re-incarnation, equality of all religions, and ability to meet God in this life. That they feel increasingly alienated from Hindu society nowadays is also the consequence of India’s identity crisis.


11. From a study of nations that remain united and contrasted with those which have disintegrated, it seems that the crucial element for national integrity is the concept of ‘who we are’ that the people within a geo-political boundary accept. This concept however has to be nurtured, renewed, continually enriched and given substance.

12. Such a concept however cannot be forced down the throats of a people as USSR and Yugoslavia demonstrates or allow the concept to derail a society as it did in Hitler's Germany. At the same time the concept cannot be amorphous, meaning all things to all men, and without a time frame for its acceptance.

13. Even in United States of America, a relatively young nation created by an influx of immigration from diverse countries, scholars have felt the need to define the identity of an American. Harvard Professor Samuel Huntington has penned a book titled Who Are We? [Penguin Books, India 2004] to define the American's identity as a “White Anglo-Saxon Christian who speaks English”. It seems contrived since majority of Americans are perhaps not ‘White’, but Huntington is emphatic.

14. However, Huntington's contribution is in seeing the two components of this identity that define it: Salience, which is the importance that the citizen attributes to national identity over the other many sub-identities. Second, Substance, which he calls as the “American Creed”, is what the citizens think they have in common, and which distinguishes them from others of other countries.

15. Paraphrasing Dr.Huntington, the ‘American creed’ is identified as (i) Anglo-Protestant work ethic (such as sticking to contracts, punctuality, word as bond, honouring IOUs etc.). (ii) Christianity-religious belief in God, in good being rewarded and evil being punished by Him. (iii) English language. (iv) Rule of law and equality before it. (v) Individualism and the pursuit of happiness.

16. Dr.Huntington quotes a 1931 judgment of the Supreme Court in which the apex Court held that US is a Christian nation, and hence he advocates that acceptance of that is part of the American creed. We shall apply the concepts of salience and substance to Indian identity.

17. Similarly, the British Prime Minister Cameron on December 17, 2011 was quoted by BBC as stating at Oxford that “ UK is a Christian country and we should not be afraid to say so”. Addressing a meeting on the 400th Anniversary of the King James’s Bible, he called for a revival of traditional Christian values to counter Britain’s “moral collapse”, adding the slogan “live and let live” has too often come to mean “do what you please”. Significantly, he also said that it was wrong to hold that “standing up for Christianity was somehow doing down other faiths”.

18. We in India today do not have to conjure up a contrived identity as Huntington valiantly had to do, or issue dictums as Cameron. A century ago, Sri Aurobindo declared [as reproduced inIndia’s Rebirth: Institut De Recherches Evolutives, Paris 1993]:“ I write for those who acknowledge reason but do not identify reason with Western Materialism; who are sceptics but not unbelievers; who, admitting the claims of modern thought, still believe in India, her mission, her gospel, her immortal life and her eternal rebirth”.

19. The battle to settle the answer to this question is on today between the Indian nationalist and the internationalist liberal. The latter deny that the Indians have an overriding identity of salience and substance.

20. Eminent philosophers and observers have also held so. India has thus always existed because of the Indian-ness [read: Hindutva as Substance of Huntington] of the people.“In all the fleeting centuries of history” holds Dr.Radhakrishnan in his work on Indian Philosophy, “in all the vicissitudes, through which India has passed, a certain marked identity is visible. It has held fast to certain psychological traits which constitute its special heritage, and they will be the characteristic marks of the Indian people so long as they are privileged to have a separate existence”.

21. Hindu-ness or Hindutva, judged by Huntington’s criteria, has been our identifying characteristic, by which we have been recognized world-wide. The territory in which Hindus lived was known as Hindustan, i.e., a specific area of a collective of persons who are bonded together by this Hindu-ness. That is the Substance.

22. The Salience of Huntington thus was given religious and spiritual significance by tirth yatra, kumbh mela, common festivals, and in the celebration of events in the Ithihasa, viz., Ramayana and Mahabharata. That is why all great mass movements in India have been inspired by spiritual persons, or by invoking spirituality as did Mahatma Gandhi when he made Ram Rajya as a goal, and Gita as the basis of his actions.

23. Even Jawaharlal Nehru, no Hindu chauvinist, acknowledged this fact in on two occasions: First in his 1948 Convocation Address to the Aligarh Muslim University wherein he averred that Hindus and Muslims have the same ancestry, and Second, in his foreword to one of Dr.Karan Singh books as follows: “It is significant to note that great political mass movements in India have had a spiritual background behind them”.

24. But the towering philosophers of the 19th and 20th centuries have affirmed the cultural oneness of India. I can do no better than quote Dr.Ambedkar from his paper presented in the Department of Anthropology seminar of Columbia University in 1916, and titled “Castes in India, Their Mechanism, Genesis and Development”[ published in Indian Antiquary, Vol XLI, May 1917, p81-85].

25. On page 84, he concludes as follows:
“Ethnically all people [may] be heterogeneous. [But] it is the unity of culture that is the basis of homogeneity. Taking this for granted, I venture to say that there is no country that can rival the Indian peninsula with respect to the unity of its culture. It has not only a geographic unity, but it has over and above all a deeper and much more fundamental unity—the indubitable cultural unity that covers the land from end to end”


26. British imperialist inspired historians and their tutees, and the Communists in tandem, have propounded India as a multi-nation artificial construct and as an administrative by product of colonialism. This is the current version in our history textbooks.

27. The roots of Aryan-Dravidian theory, the racial basis of varna, the artificial construction of linguistic differences, and the Hindu-Muslim cultural divide have been fostered by them.

28. The Aryan Dravidian theory is centered on the Max Mueller thesis that the Rg Veda was written no earlier than 1500 BC, and that carbon-dating of Indus Valley’s Mohendajaro/Harappa first layer excavations place it as ending in 1500 BC. A pastoral society described in Vedas and a city civilization in the latter, could not be of the same people it is inferred.

29. ‘Arya’, ‘Dravida’ were thus falsely given racial meaning.

30. More recently, Mr.Jonah Blank, an American journalist curious about this Hindutva, took a journey in 1991-92 from Ayodhya to Sri Lanka on the route taken by Lord Rama. He then wrote a book about titled: Arrow of the Blue-Skinned God—Retracing the Ramayana Through India [published by the well known Houghton Mifflin of Boston USA]. He writes: “India’s land may be ruled by aliens from time to time, but never her mind, never her soul..... In the end, it is always India that does the digesting" [p.217]. He concludes: “But somehow a nebulous sense of “Indianness” does exist, and it binds together Gujaratis, Orissans, to Nagas who might seem to have nothing at all in common. Perhaps it is this elusive, undefinable [yet very real] link that has allowed the sub-continent's multitude of races to live in some rough semblance of harmony for four thousand years”[p.218].

31. The next mischievous division is the varna’s colour/caste basis. Hinduism nowhere in its Sruti scriptures states varna is skin colour-based. Although varna means “colour”, it was used by the rishis, Bhrigu and Baradwaja, as an insignia colour. Thus if Brahmin is ‘white’, and Shudra is ‘black’, the Kshatriya is ‘saffron’ and Vaishya is ‘Green’!

32. Nor our languages are fundamentally different—Sanskrit vocabulary is common to all languages.Even Tamil has 40% or more words in common with Sanskrit. All our scripts are evolved from Brahmi script.

33. The recent DNA studies affirm that is Indians, i.e., Hindus+, Muslims and Christians are one indigenous people. Hindu culture and religion gives the geographical area its distinctiveness.

34. In the face of DNA evidence of all Indians, plus the reality established by modern science such as satellite imaging, of discovery of the walk trail of Sri Rama, Rama Setu, Sarasvati River, and the submerged Dwarka city, all held earlier as “mythical” to debunk the Vedas and Mahabharata, most independent scholars now have disowned the racial/migration theory of Aryans & Dravidians. Even the BBC and Romilla Thapar have now done so.

35. A social philosophy based thus on dharma is vitally needed at this moment in our history, because there is a dimension to the current national crisis, namely, the moral decay and the decline of character in our society which if not stemmed, will slowly poison to death our nation.

36. This decay and decline is visible in every aspect of our life—politicians defecting for office and cash, bureaucrats taking bribes, teachers selling exam questions, students passing by cheating, businessmen adulterating products, lawyers cheating clients, doctors betraying their patients etc.

37. Consequent to this decay is the wave of dangerous cynicism amongst the youth. A renaissance of values in society has thus to take place.


1. These then are the core task today: to know the philosophical and civilisational basis of our identity, through a correct perception of our history, and to reform our society on that basis.

2. To achieve such a reform and usher a renaissance, of course, requires a complete de-falsification in the current Indian history, rejecting that portion that has been deliberately contrived by British imperialists and their compradors, and to correct the currently perceived linkages to our past.

3. Thus unless we settle these philosophical issues and answer the factual questions arising in the current version of our history, clearly, finally, unambiguously, and authoritatively, as to who we are and what we were, the modern Indian nation will flounder, flip-flop, and generally be devoid of healthy patriotism, and hence under an intellectual existential siege..

4. Consequently, a de-falsified fact-checked history of India based on Indian sources which is devoid of gloss on the truth of our long civilisational experience and reality of Hindu, Buddhists, Islamic and Christian interactions, is vitally necessary.

5. I congratulate Professor Bal Ram Singh of U. Mass and Rajiv Malhotra for “being different”, and thus giving us a hope that such a history of India would be written by Indians for Indians.

Open letter by Indian Dalit Christians to Pope Benedict XVI for providing Equality & Justice

(The below letter sent by a leader of Dalit Christians clearly shows that how Christianity failed in India. It is my humble request to Dalit Christians to come back to their original Hindu religion because Sanatan Dharma can only provide them equality & justice...Blog Author)

December 27 2011:
By R L Francis

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you - St Matthew 7.7

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI
Secretariat of State
00120 Vatican City State - Europe

Wish You a Merry Christmas and New Year

Your Holiness
The debate related to the status of Christians in India is going on and you are already aware of it. There are two points to this wide ranging debate. First, social, economic and political status of converted Christians; and second, growing tensions in different parts of the country due to conversion-related activities. The second has more to do with the way the Catholic Church opts to function in the country.

According to official estimates of the government, there are 30 million Christians in the country and 70 percent of this population has directly come from socially and economically downtrodden community popularly known as “Dalits”. However, as per unofficial figures, the population of minority Christians is not less than 60-70 million. Irony is that; these people have been constantly suppressed and exploited even under the structure of the Catholic Church being led by you (Pope). They are ridiculed for their sacrifices made hundreds of years ago for the church. They don’t command equal status in the existing structure of church and this has made the sacrifices futile.

Christianity stresses on the fact that God has created people in his own image and this has become the founding stone of equality of human values in Christian society. But, they are continuously meted out differential treatment in the name of caste and birth. In order to catch your attention towards these core issues, I am writing this letter to you. I am going to discuss first core issue.

Ideology of Church

Theoretically, there is no place for non-equality and racism in Christianity and when it is attached with identity of the Catholic Church; the concept of caste automatically vanishes like camphor as the word ‘Catholic-means-Universal’. There is only one head of this universal community of people and that is none other than representative of Vicar of Christ which is responsible for recruitment of Bishops in order to guide their disciples.

In that way, Holy Father/Pope, ‘you’ are responsible for maintaining the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ on the earth. Now you should explain to me where is the place of dirty ideology like casteism and racism in this ‘Kingdom of Heaven’?

Deprived class in Indian church

Downtrodden class in India has always been victim of unequal treatment, casteism and social exploitation. In order to seek solace and relief from their pathetic condition, they are still coming under the aegis of church for the last 3 or 4 centuries. But, here, too, they have been exploited in the name of caste and race. The hope with which they had come to Christianity seems to have been forfeited. On the contrary, they are now entangled in even deeper quagmire of inequality.

Church moving opposite to ideology of Christianity

Catholic Church has completely failed in its duty to provide equality and justice to that majority of converted people under the structure controlled by you (Pope). The resources have been captured by upper-class Christians. After independence of India, the Catholic Church has immensely progressed which is reflected in the heavy increase in the number of schools, colleges, social institutions, new diocese, Fathers, Bishops, nuns and their followers. However, despite this entire progress, one thing that has not changed - the status of converted Christians.

Converted Christians are the backbone of the Catholic Church in India, but their participation in the structure of Catholic Church is zero. Bishop, Father and Cardinal from this class are rare to find and those who somehow managed after hard-fought struggle are standing marginalized in society. They are being treated differently by their upper-class brothers (Bishops and Fathers).

Thousands of organizations related to education, health and non-governmental organizations are being run by church and right to run these institutions has been conferred by Indian constitution. The structure of church being run under Vatican (you) has failed to do justice to converted Christians. Understanding the gravity of the situation Pope John Paul-II had severely criticized the attitude of unequal treatment and discriminatory approach in the church. In 2003, he had said that Bishops were appointed to look after lambs and it is their duty to abolish any kind of discrimination prevalent in the Catholic Church.

Betrayal of faith

There is widespread anger among converted Christians against the policies adopted by the church. They have started demanding their rights within the existing structure of church. The response of church has been abysmal in this regard. The church leadership has termed this anger unjustified. Instead of addressing the genuine concerns of converted Christians, they have shied away from their responsibilities and are trying to shift it on the Government of India. This is being done in order to fulfill their own ulterior motive. By doing so church is pushing these people in the same quagmire of caste system.

When Indian constitution was being framed, constitution makers advocated reservations for the dalit class who were victims of caste oppression in the prevalent Hindu system. Majority of Hindu people sacrificed their right to equality in favour of their dalit brothers as a compensation of injustice meted out to them.

Your Holiness, do your representatives have the moral right to betray the faith of those who had blindly believed in the church and its promises? They have given their whole life to the church. The story is similar to the poor widow about whom Jesus had said to their disciples, “Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others. They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on.” (Mark 12: 41-44) We Dalit Catholics had also left the facilities (reservation) given by the Indian government.

Church should compensate

Church is now blaming others for its failures. When the Indian constitution was being framed, these converted Christians remained in the fold of the church and did not switch their loyalties. Within the framework of the constitution, minorities were given special rights and privileges that were unthinkable even in USA and Europe. Taking benefit of these rights, the church has enlarged its empire but seems to have forgotten converted Christians. Church leadership is stifling the just demands of their own people who are the backbone of the Catholic Church in the country.

Now, church leadership has no moral right to bring the converted people in the realm of the same caste system that has oppressed them for centuries. Had they not gone in the fold of the church and continued with the Hindu system they, too, would have enjoyed benefits bestowed upon them by the Constitution of India and progressed like their other Dalit Hindu brothers in the same fashion.

After the Government of India, the church is the only organized entity that can make available jobs, but the participation of converted Christians is very low and maximum they can get is post of driver, cook, clerk, peon and gatekeeper. These jobs, too, can be availed on the mercy of Bishops and their condition is no better than slave laborers. I demand from the church that they should compensate for the injustice and exploitation meted out to millions of converted Christians. Vatican had done this in the past and it can also be done here.

Church should change its policy

Church has always preferred safe trade. It has established thousands of schools, colleges and other institutions. This has benefited a lot to the church leadership, but the majority of converted Christians have been largely deprived. Even in the field of education where church has practically monopoly, it has failed to benefit converted Christians. We will not stop just after getting few benefits, but Dalit Christians want their due share in the existing structure.

Hindu society is changing very fast. Doors of temples are being opened for Dalit Hindus and many programmes are being run to abolish ignominious caste system, whereas Christianity has not been able to do minor changes in its structure. Hindu dalits are constantly moving on, but this is not the case with converted Christian society. Church administration being led by you is pushing them back. Perhaps their thinking is to assimilate converted Christians among 300 million Hindus. They believe that this will make the task of church leadership easier. Why it is that church leadership always seeks solution in putting converted Christians in the list of Hindu dalits?

It is the duty of church leadership that process of development should be smooth. It is good to have institutions/policy made for the welfare of people. However, it is even more important who are implementing them. Converted Christians should get share proportionate to their population. Unless and until this happens, their position in the society will remain the same and their problems will persist.

Your Holiness, in the first point I have tried to elaborate the first point related to the problems faced by converted Christians. In India, the relationship between Catholic Church and its followers is not based on democratic set-up. Inside the church, upper-caste Christians have more opportunity to progress than converted Christians. Considering the status of these people, some fundamental structural changes are needed. At present, Bishops are the “key power” and they are appointed by the Vatican and that is why they feel themselves more responsible towards Vatican and less towards Kalisia. Most of the Catholics are of the view that Bishop should be elected by Kalisia and not by the Vatican so that they could be made more responsible towards their people.

Evangelization and escalating tension

Recently, for the sake of safety and security of Christian society, you have appealed to Hindu society that they should stand-up against condemnable hate propaganda against Christians and should pave the way for religious freedom. Your concerns are genuine as tension between Christians and people from other faiths has escalated over the years and at some places it has even taken violent turn. Be it ignominious incident of burning of Graham Staines with his two children in 1999 or Kandhamal riots or violence at some other place. Indian society has always opposed violence on the name of caste or religion. Indian government has acted swiftly whenever such incidents have taken place. Perpetrators of crime have been punished. Government has also constituted various commissions in this regard and their reports have been startling.

India has always been a glorious symbol of tolerance and has shown respect for all religions and faiths with the feeling of amicable co-existence. There is no place for non-tolerant faith among majority of Hindu community. Every citizen respects fundamental right of religious freedom of other people.

Many commissions constituted by government in the wake of violent instances against Christians have also indicated towards imperialistic nature of church. There is an urgent need for introspection on the method of propagation of Christian faith as they have become instruments of growing tension with people of other faiths. We can stop this by changing the current practices by the church and help create amicable atmosphere.

Freedom of church in India

Indian church and Christians have rights that are not even available to European church. In matters related to Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and other religions there is some government intervention. For example, properties of religious institutions of Muslims are looked after by Waqf board. Similarly, religious properties in Sikhs are also managed according to Indian law. Government has direct control over the income of big temples and this money is spent on upliftment of deprived class.

But, government has no intervention in matters pertaining to Christians. Bishops are appointed by you and Vatican and Fathers/Bishops has ownership over huge assets and resources of church. Even in Europe many countries have control over the properties of church. India is one country where church enjoys immense religious freedom.

Introspection of evangelization policy is necessary

Recently, Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue has raised few questions about status of religious freedom in India. The indication was towards anti-conversion law made by few states in India. Church is facing difficulty after enactment of this law. They should understand that Indian constitution allows anybody to follow faith of his/her choice and even allows propagation of religion. But nobody can justify conversion of scheduled caste and tribes under the garb of social service.

There is a thin line between propagation of one’s faith and conversion. If state gives absolute freedom to those who have sole motive of conversion, then it is the duty of the state to intervene in the matter. This becomes all the more important considering wherever conversion has taken place in large number social tension has increased.

This year Vatican had convened a meeting of various heads of faiths in Assisi of Italy on October 27. In this meeting, Indian representation had tried to attract the attention of Vatican towards conversion. As a matter of fact, if Vatican really wants amicable solution to various problems faced by Christianity then it is the church that will have to play larger role in the process.

Development of converted Christians should be goal of church

Your Holiness, theoretically Christianity advocates equality but in practice reality is starkly different. Discriminatory caste policies of the Catholic Church fail the basic motive of Christianity. In reality, condition of converted Christians worsens after conversion. Church should bring a White Paper on the matter of how much church has progressed after independence and how much progress converted Christians have made during the same period.

Church receives huge donations in the name of social service and development of disciples of the faith, but hardly anything has changed on the ground. This is certainly a food for thought that where this money goes?

Poor Christian Liberation Movement (PCLM), an umbrella organization of Dalit Christians, is of the view that church officials don’t want to leave any benefit currently enjoyed by them at any cost. They are not at all concerned with the betterment of converted Christians. This is why there is no hint of betterment of the status of this community even in the distant future. The current system harbours inequality. That is why it will be wrong to expect that things will change in the near future.

Converted Christians are looking towards you with a lot of hope and we request you to take concrete steps for change in the fundamental structure of church.

Yours in Christ
R L Francis

The author is president, Poor Christian Liberation Movement (PCLM)
(typos and grammar corrected – ed)

Source : Vijayvaani

'Jana Gan Man...' : Praise for Bharatmata or Glorification of British King ?

Today is centenary of 'Jana Gan Man...'

December 27, 2011 :
By Brahmarshi Dr. P. V. Vartak


Our National Anthem was first sung at the Calcutta Session of the Indian National Congress on 27th December 1911. ‘Jana Gan Man…’ is composed by late Ravindranath Tagore precisely at the time of the visit of the British King George V. Many are not reconciled to accept this truth. They question, ‘How will Ravindranath ever do so ?’ Their mind has already taken a side in the controversy. They have already prepared an opinion. If our mind is calm and steady, we do not create an opinion in advance. Let us examine some evidences to indicate that the song was composed to welcome the King George V

The national anthem we sing today is not complete. For the convenience of the readers we are reproducing the entire text of the national anthem at the end of the article.

1. The song was composed precisely at the time of the visit of British King George V in December 1911 to Hindusthan.

2. In this song, the ‘Adhinayak’ (‘The Lord of the masses of India’) has been hailed. In 1911, when Hindustan was in slavery, there was no lord of the masses. ‘Adhinayak’ means the most superior hero. In those days, the British emperor was considered as the ‘Adhinayak’.

3. ‘Bharat Bhagya Vidhata’ means he who decides the destiny of Bharat. The destiny of the Bharat which was languishing in slavery was then decided by the British emperor alone. Thus the King George V can only be considered eligible to be hailed as ‘Bharat Bhagya Vidhata’ and no other Indian leader.

4. Some people argue that ‘perhaps the Congress president may have been referred to as Adhinayak and Bharat Bhagya Vidhata’. However, the stanzas 2 and 3 are in complete variance of this stance. The second stanza says, ‘Purab Paschim Aase Tava Sinhasan Pase’. When the song was composed, there was no throne for any Indian leader and no Indian had ruled the East or West direction. There was only one emperor in the world with a throne who ruled the East and West at that time and it was the British King George V.

5. With the words ‘Tava Charane Nata Matha …. Rajeshwar Bharat Bhagya Vidhata’, Tagore was bowing his head in reverence in front of an emperor. It is but natural to conclude that he was bowing his head in front of the King George V. As per Indian tradition, ‘Rajeshwar’ means the God of Kings. That time, not a single Indian king was independent. King George V was the only independent king of Hindusthan. The local kings of princely states were ruled by the British emperor and were at his mercy.

6.‘Gahe tava jaya gatha’. Who was victorious in 1911 A.D. in Hindustan ? None. Hence it can safely be inferred that Tagore was praising the victory of King George. In those days, the British emperor was hailed throughout the world. Tagore also lent his voice in the chorus by singing this song.

Ravindranath imitated British style and changed his name to Tagore !

By 1911 A.D., the Indians were greatly influenced by the British. Ravindranath Thakur (Tagore) also was equally influenced. In keeping with the British style, he discarded his original surname ‘Thakur’ and adopted a new name ‘Tagore’. It was a sheer psychological slavery. Everyone in the country bowed his head in front of the British. No wonder, Ravindra also could not have resisted the heavy pressure of British education.

Pak province in India’s anthem – a rank denigration !

No doubt, the Congress government selected this song as a national anthem in 1947; but it is against the truth. India was partitioned in 1947. The entire Sindh, half of Punjab and half of Bengal had gone to Pakistan. How did they get a place in India’s national anthem ? Had I been the prime minister or president of Pakistan, I would taken strong objection to this and would have compelled India to remove these lines. But no one realised the bitter truth.

Savarkar’s vision that Gandhi would reject ‘Vande Mataram’ !

‘Vande Mataram’ was accepted by all as a national anthem; but when a few Muslims took objection to it, Gandhiji promptly discarded ‘Vande Mataram’. Surprisingly, Swatatryaveer Savarkar had already said in 1938 that Gandhi would reject it.

Bengali men - proud to be mental slave to the British as against Bengali women –
proud to preserve Indian culture !

British rule on Bengal dated back to 18th century. It was the Bengal state which the British won first in India. From then onward, the Bengali people were in awe of the British. History never recorded that the Bengalis rebelled against the British any time. More than any other state in India, the British had great hold on the Bengali people. This was evident from the fact that many Bengali men changed their names and
adopted the British style of names.

For example, the Chattopadhyay surname was transformed into Chatterji. Mukhopadhyay became Mukherjee. Bandopadhyay became Banerjee. The sole reason for this was that there was no self-esteem left in Bengal ! The influence of the British was so great on the Bengalis that they started behaving like the British. However, one cannot find such a change in the Bengali women. They preserved Hindu culture. They never adopted British clothes. The Bengali men grossly lacked self-esteem ! Naturally, Ravindrababu happened to be one of them !

Employee of Shantiniketan tell proudly - ‘Ravindranath was drinking alcohol’

Let me narrate to you my experience during my visit to Shantiniketan for a conference. During leisure time, I, along with friends, went to see the house of Ravindrababu in Shantiniketan. We were told to remove shoes at the gate. Shoes were prohibited inside the room. After removing the shoes we entered the room. In the first room, we were shown the place where Ravindrababu used to sit.

There was a table in the centre of the room flanked by four chairs. A bottle of alcohol and a few glasses were kept on the table. The employees proudly narrated to us that Ravindrababu used to drink alcohol. We wondered whether he had told us to remove shoes merely to show the arrangement of bar.

Anglicised Ravindranath from head to toe !

The other contemporary veteran Maharashtrian leaders such as Vishnushastri Chiplunkar, Lokmanya Tilak, Agarkar, Swatatryaveer Savarkar etc. never had such a bar in their house; because these great men never touched alcohol. It was in the British rule that it was a matter of pride to drink alcohol ! Ravindranath Tagore willingly fell prey to it ! No wonder, such a poet who is devoid of self-esteem had raised slogans of hail for the British emperor. There is no doubt that a poet who changed his name on British style would glorify the British king.

God alone got this article done from me !

I have narrated the entire truth to the readers because my mind is fond of truth. I perform the spiritual practice of Yoga. So my mind is always connected to God. I think nobody has realised so far this truth. God alone has presented it before me and got this article written from me. I end this article by paying obeisance to God and submitting my mind at His Holy feet.

Source : Hindu JanJagruti Samiti

Whole lyrics of 'Jana Gan Man...'

जनगणमन अधिनायक जय हे, भारत भाग्य विधाता
पंजाब सिंधु गुजरात मराठा द्राविड उत्कल बंग
विंध्य हिमाचल यमुना गंगा उच्छल जलधितरंग
तव शुभ नामे जागे, तव शुभ आशिष मागे
गाहे तव जय गाथा
जनगणमंगलदायक जय हे, भारत भाग्यविधाता
जय हे, जय हे, जय हे, जय जय जय जय हे ।।१।।
अहरह तव आव्हान प्रचारित सुनि, तव उदार वाणी
हिंदु बौद्ध सिख जैन पारसिक मुसलमान खिस्तानी
पूरब पश्चिम आसे, तव सिंहासन पासे
प्रेमहार हय गाथा
जनगणऐक्यविधायक जय हे, भारत भाग्यविधाता
जय हे, जय हे, जय हे, जय जय जय जय हे ।।२।।
पतनअभ्युदयबंधुर पंथा युगयुग धावित यात्री
तुम चिर सारथी, तव रथचक्रे मुखरित पथ दिन रात्री
दारुण विप्लव माजे, तव शंखध्वनि बाजे
संकट दुःखयात्रा
जनगण पथ परिचायक जय हे, भारत भाग्यविधाता
जय हे, जय हे, जय हे, जय जय जय जय हे ।।३।।
घोरतिमिरघननिबिड निशीथे पीडित मूर्छित देशे
जागृत छिल तव अविचल मंगल नत नयने अनिमेषे
दु:स्वप्ने आतंके, रक्षा करिले अंके
स्नेहमयी तुमी माता
जनगण दु:ख त्रायक जय हे, भारत भाग्यविधाता
जय हे, जय हे, जय हे, जय जय जय जय हे ।।४।।
रात्र प्रभातिल उदिल रविच्छवि पुर्व उदयगिरि भाले
गाहे विहंगम पुण्य समीरण नवजीवन रस ढाले
तव करुणारुण रागे, निद्रित भारत जागे
तव चरणे नत माथा
जय हे, जय हे, जय हे,
जय जय जय जय हे, भारत भाग्यविधाता ।।५।।

Bangalore : Spontaneous response to 1st Patriotic Tweeple Conference Organised by Dr. Swamy

December 27 2011 :
By Blog Author(Girish):

First of its kind of Patriotic Tweeter conference was organised in Bangalore on 25th December 2011 by Dr. Subramanian Swamy for some of his serious followers who are ready to contribute for the future of Bharatmata. About 140 Patriotic Intellectuals from all parts of Bharat and few from outside Bharat gathered with great curiosity at National Indian Heritage Academy for a surprise package which Dr. Swamy thought of giving.
The program was planned in a very systematic manner. Eminent personalities like Padma Bhushan Prof. N.S.Ramaswamy, Prof R. Vaidyanathan from IIM Bangalore and Shri Jagadish Shetty (National General Secretary of Janatan Party) were present on dais. The program started with lighting of the lamp by Dr. Swamy & by Ganeshvandana.

Prof Ramaswamy enlightened the participants with the importance of our heritage, our Hindu Dharma and need to protect it. He also introduced Dr. Swamy in his own fashion by calling him Handsome politician. The attendees heard him with great concentration.

Now it was time for Dr. Swamy to give a speech on "A Vision for Secure India" & when he stood on his feet to give his speech, emotions gathered in his followers as they saw their leader & gave a big applause. Dr. Swamy talked on various subjects like corruption, Hindutva, Patriotism and Importance of Sanskrit. He emphasized on the fact that Indians need to create or develop a mindset which will make India a Virat renaissance & It can happen only when our minds are clear. Also we need clarity about what we are ?. He also said that our National Security is our first priority & for that we must have mental toughness to take decisions.

Dr. Swamy explained how Hindu Society is not based on the cast but it is based on the Gunas i.e. Skills, how our civilization survived even after 800 years of Muslim rule and 200 years of British rule. He also said that we must bring back the sanskrit as our language of communication as it connects to all of us and our heritage.

Prof. R Vaidyanathan gave a fantastic speech on "Movements against Corruption" in which he explained in detail about global economics, black money kept abroad in tax heavens and the need to bring back the black money with minute details & a excellent presentation. He has a immense knowledge & fantastic sense of humor which was enjoyed by participants.

Shri Abhishek Joshi (Member Secretary, Action Committee Against Corruption in India #ACACI) & Shri Aravind Chaturvedi & Shri M.R. Venkatesh also enlightened the participants with their views on different topics.

The Program concluded with Vande Mataram & Vote of thanks.

(Personally I feel that the first of its kind of Tweeple conference was not organised by Dr. Swamy to just come, listen & watch. Also the participants were not present for the same. But it was organised because every participant who will go out after attending this conference will become a National fighter with a vision to Protect his nation & his heritage throughout his life.And I am sure each participant will carry on this mission & contribute to the future of Bharatmata. I feel this would have been the real purpose of this conference...Girish(Blog Author)

Subramanian Swamy sniffs mining scam in Goa

PANAJI: Anti-corruption crusader and Janata Party (JP) president Subramanian Swamy on Thursday referred to a ‘mining scam’ in Goa and said that when present homeminister P Chidambaram was the finance minister between 2004 and 2007, he fiddled with export duties on mining ore so that mining companies like Vedanta reaped huge profits.

On a visit to Goa, Swamy addressed mediapersons and said the scam is worth around 16,000 crore. When he gets more time from his present engagement with the 2G scam, he will pursue the issue against Chidambaram, Swamy said.

The JP chief praised the movement spearheaded by Anna Hazare and expressed his willingness to join it, but said that Hazare and his team were focused totally on one piece of legislation – the Jan Lokpal bill.

Swamy said that he has proved that even without the Jan Lokpal bill, his Action Committee Against Corruption in India (ACACI) can get results, as evident from the results in the 2G scam so far.

He said the ACACI is now focusing on money stashed abroad. It has already given a 15-page complaint to the CBI asking it to file an FIR. “But the CBI has not filed the FIR even after one month. If and when it does, the ACACI will take the FIR to a criminal court and get a letter-rogatory. With that letter, the ACACI will go abroad and obtain details about the money stashed in foreign countries,” Swamy said.

He said that while the ACACI has provided names of politicians who have such foreign bank accounts, the French government has provided 788 names of Indians and the German government provided 16 such names.

“But the government of India is not prosecuting these people. If the CBI does not file the FIR by January 1, I will go to the Supreme Court asking it to direct the CBI to do so, like I did in the Raja case when the Prime Minister did not give me sanction,” Swamy said.

He said he has filed 17 files corruption cases against Chidambaram. These include irregularities in stock market and various other cases. “But my busy engagement with present cases is preventing me from pursuing these,” Swamy said.

“Although the ACACI has not been able to align with the Anna Hazare movement, partly because the Hazare team does not want to align with a political party, the ACACI may align with Baba Ramdev soon as he is doing a fantastic job of raising awareness against corruption in India, said the JP president.

Source : profitscam

Who is govt shielding in HSBC, Liechtenstein tax-haven lists?

By R Vaidyanathan
Barack Obama is concerned about it, Angela Merkel is furious about it and Nicholas Sarkozy wants to regulate it. But the leaders of one of the countries most affected by the phenomenon of tax evasion and black money in safe havens – India – don’t want to do much about it.

Tax havens and offshore financial centres are where tax evaders and criminal elements hoard their ill-gotten wealth. In the midst of the Anna movement, one important thing – namely, black money abroad – has been pushed to the background. But this is really the Gangotri of corruption and we are doing little about it. Consider the following two examples:

The Liechtenstein affair: Liechtenstein is a tiny country and a convenient “letter box” for moneyed people all over the world to hide their illegal wealth. Germany’s intelligence agency seems to have paid an unnamed informer more than US$ 6 million for confidential and secret data about the clients of LGT group, a bank owned by the Liechtenstein Prince’s family.

The German government has announced that it will share information on accounts held in the tax haven with any government that asks for it. Finland, Sweden, Norway, UK, France, the US and Australia have expressed interest in the data obtained by Germany.

Now, the interesting and intriguing part is this: the Indian government was initially very reluctant to get that data from Germany. It finally got the data under public pressure in 2009. More than 100 names are presumably in that list. But the results have not been shared with Indian citizens, though some newspapers and TV channels have it.

It is common knowledge that billions of dollars of Indian money is in various tax heavens like Antigua, Switzerland, Bahamas, Liechtenstein, Isle of Man, and St Kitts. But all our leaders – be they in business, politics, films, sports or bureaucracy – are keen on keeping a conspiratorial silence.
The government is not releasing the names obtained from Germany and claims it is due to the double taxation treaty with that country. The data stolen by Germany from its neighbour is nowhere linked to our treaty since it does not pertain to any misdemeanor by Indians vis-vis Germany. But the government is intransigent. Who is it trying to protect?

Illegal money with HSBC: A few months ago, the Indian government got data on nearly a thousand accounts of Indians allegedly holding illegal wealth with HSBC Bank in Switzerland. This data was obtained by France from people who had stolen the data – more than 15,000 accounts – from HSBC’s data files. The French have given the full data set to us. The government of India is not telling the citizens what action it is taking. It does not want to share the names.

When quizzed about it, the finance minister chants the same mantra about double taxation treaties when those treaties take only prospective effect. What is needed is the political will to bring back the illegal funds accumulated abroad. From Bofors to CWG to 2G to Hasan Ali – all illegal money takes us to tax havens. The size of the illegal stash abroad by Indians is estimated anywhere between half a trillion ($500 billion) and one-and-a-half trillion ($1,500 billion).

Why black money held abroad is dangerous for India: The issue of black money held abroad is of paramount importance for four reasons.

Every two-bit expert on the Indian stock markets knows that our markets are moved by external flows – both inflows and outflows. Such flows may be the ill-gotten wealth of Indians kept abroad in tax havens or domestic funds sent out and brought back to facilitate these activities.

In other words, the destabilisation of our stock markets can be done using the black money in tax havens. The movement of the Sensex may not be related to the performance of our economy but to the actions of these black money holders.

The second concern is: are we adequately sterilised in terms of know your customer (KYC)? This is in the context of the concern expressed by our former National Security Advisor (MK Narayanan) regarding the possibility of terror funds coming through the financial markets.

Third, there is a question-mark about our ability to formulate policies without being blackmailed by foreign governments. For instance, many may not know that De La Rue Giori – the owner of more than 90 percent of the world’s currency printing business in Switzerland – was one of the passengers in the Indian Airlines plane hijacked to Kandahar. (Time magazine, 17 January 2000). It is easy to imagine the type of pressure that could have been applied by the Swiss on our government at the time of the hijack.

If a large number of our elites hold illegal money in foreign countries like Switzerland, then we will be prone to manipulation in terms of policy formulation. It is not clear what role was played by various foreign agencies in the Kandahar hijack. Even now it is not clear if our foreign minister handed over dollars or Swiss currency to the hijackers. The true history may come out some time in the future.

The same is the case with the Bofors funds. The Swedish authorities knew the names of beneficiaries and accounts since the bribe originated there. The Swiss government also knows the identities, since the money went into Swiss banks. The British government also has some idea, since some money was kept with Barclays by Ottavio Quattrochi and defrozen by our government from London.

The fourth issue is about getting arm-twisted in our economic and foreign policy formulations. It is pertinent to note that if the CIA knows about our leaders holding black money in tax havens, then there is a strong possibility that the ISI can also have that data. This is the danger faced by our republic. Our national policies may not be formulated in Delhi, but in Washington or Islamabad – if they have the data and can use it to pressure our leaders.

To protect and preserve our republic we need to insist on exposing and bringing back this black money. Is there political will among India’s ruling class to put the issue of tax havens on the global agenda and compel other developed countries to facilitate the closure of these accounts? If not, we are doomed to be indirectly ruled by western spy agencies who have enough information to blackmail our policy-makers.

The tiny island absurdities had their place in the sun in the 20th century. But in the 21st century, integrity is the motto and transparency the mantra. India should pass a law making all the illegal wealth held abroad as part of a new national trust. We should, along with other emerging markets, arm-twist these tiny islands to give back our money.

India should bring sanity to the global financial markets and joy to millions of pauperised persons in Latin America, Asia and Africa. Let us be proactive and not be ruled by outsiders by cleaning up the global financial system.

The author is Professor of Finance, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, and can be contacted at The views are personal and do not reflect that of his organisation.

Source : FirstPost

Black not beautiful, 11 ways to fight corruption – Dr. Swamy

By Subramanian Swamy : President of the Janata Party, the writer has been a vocal anti-corruption campaigner

December 24 2011 :
Corruption in India is a major concern because of the mind boggling amounts of money illegally appropriated in the Satyam, IPL, CWG and 2G Spectrum scams. India today has one of the most corrupt governance. The unanimous worldwide view is that corruption is no more the tolerable grease or speed money in any system, but a cancer that will cause death of a society unless cured early.

Although ancient India had won the admiration of visiting monks, historians and traders as a nation of honest citizens, we have lost that reputation. Global watchdog, Transparency International Index of Corruption, shames us in India’s rankings. Our citizens’ illegal bank deposits in tax havens abroad are the highest for citizens of any nation — as high as $1.5 trillion. Though India is a signatory to the UN Convention Against Corrupt, it is yet to ratify it. The Convention came into force on December 14, 2005 when 38 nations ratified it. Its asset recovery provision is appealing. Yet, India is yet to sign.

Corruption misallocates resources from the meritorious to the unworthy, most transactions then lead to sub-optimally produced sub-standard goods and services, which would not otherwise have been sold in the open market without law enforcement retribution. The bitter truth is that our corporate world’s success stories are founded on fudged accounts and undisclosed funding through black money held by corrupt politicians and criminals. Since merit today is regarded inferior to acquisition of power, the immoral, criminal, powerful and illegitimately rich achieve social respectability because of this short-cut to wealth. Since elections lead to political power of those with illegal funds, future Governments naturally become bribe-compliant and protect the crooked. The cure for corruption is manifold but the goal cannot be achieved unless there is accountability in governance. Such accountability requires transparent and ethical reporting of the finances of an organisation. I highlight 11 ways:

1 Black money unreported money, neither taxed nor spent openly. Thus, the rich pay minimal taxes relative to their legal dues either due to clever chartered accountants, or by tax avoidance through the agricultural sector which has zero income tax. I advocate a three-year period of zero income tax for all for the first three years of a newly elected Government.

2 Since the corrupt indulge in gross luxurious consumption and bribery, it raises the profitability of non-essential luxury industry. This essentially crowds out investment in other, more essential, industries. In India, the luxury goods sector, directly and indirectly receives 70 per cent of national investment. I advocate that the essential commodities sector receives loans from public sector banks at the international rate of four per cent interest, and be exempted for five years from paying all direct taxes. But, they must pay a flat 25 per cent of the declared profit net of dividend paid.

3 A mathematical analysis based on probability of detection, the cost to the corrupt of such detection, and probability-weighted average with the value of the gain from the corrupt act proves that even if the probability of detection is low, if the cost to the corrupt of detection is some big multiple of the gain from the corrupt act, every rational person would voluntarily choose not to bribe or accept bribe. This is because the expected value of any corrupt transaction then becomes negative. Hence, I advocate focusing on individual cases and making an example out of them to society as I have tried to do through courts with A Raja and P Chidambaram (and later with Sonia Gandhi) and confiscate all their properties post conviction, for effectively fighting corruption.

4 Cronyism and corruption have brought Budgets on verge of bankruptcy. This, too, needs fixing. Based on the ICAI’s Concept Paper on Convergence with IFRS in India, I advocate the adoption of the International Standards of Financial Reporting and Disclosure Standards for FDI flows into India.

5 Though the SEBI has made compliance for listed companies in Corporate Governance Guidelines mandatory from January 1, 2006, about one-fourth (i.e. 1,213) listed companies have not complied for the period ending March 31, 2010. Yet, there has been no action by SEBI, which can de-list these companies on the Stock Exchange.

6 One of the most scandalous frauds on the financial system of India is the derivative called the Participatory Note (PN). According to a conservative estimate, there are over Rs 3,50,000 crore worth of PNs issued abroad which are being actively traded in India, fuelling about 55 per cent of all foreign investments in Indian stock markets. The PNs have no requirement to comply with even the SEBI disclosure rules, to enable laundering. I advocate that all PNs be abolished and SEBI directed to publish names of the secret owners of these PNs.

7 In 2002, India and Mauritius extended the controversial Indo-Mauritius Double Taxation Avoidance Treaty (DTAT) laying down that no resident of Mauritius would be taxed in India on capital gains arising out of sale of securities in India. After DTAT was signed, the Government of Mauritius abolished capital gains tax in their country. Mauritius has, thus, emerged as the largest foreign investor in India since PNs have been routed through that small island nation, and the windfall earned in the stock market exempt from tax. The tax losses to India as a result of DTAT are estimated at Rs 1,00,000 crore to date. I advocate abolition of DTAT.

8 In his address to the 43rd Munich Conference on Security Policy on February 11, 2007, National Security Advisor MK Narayanan listed out ways and means of terror funding in India. He admitted: “Instances of terrorist outfits manipulating stock markets to raise funds for their operations have been reported. Stock exchanges in Mumbai and Chennai have, on occasion, reported that fictitious or notional companies were engaging in stock market operations. Some of these companies were traced to terror outfits”. This is a shocking admission. I advocate death penalty for any stock broker facilitating such a sale of stocks.

9 To bring back all the black money deposited in banks abroad, I advocate that the next Union Government issue an ordinance declaring that all foreign accounts held by Indian nationals abroad are nationalised. If any such holder proves that the account was opened legally and operated with legitimate deposits and withdrawals, then it will be restored. This, under the new UN laws, is permissible as confirmed to me by Fali Nariman. The amount recovered will cover all tax abolitions I have advocated.

10 I advocate that CBI be re-constituted under a Special Act and all foreign exchange transaction offenses under PMLA be made criminal and transferred to CBI.

11 As corruption stems from greed, I advocate that the next Government adopt Integral Humanism as propounded by Deendayal Upadhyaya who said that a society is healthy only if there is a harmonisation of material pursuits and spiritual advancement. In a nutshell, that is through renaissance of sanatan dharma.

Corruption is rooted deep in us, only the level varies from person to person. If a person has Rs 5,000 crore, he does a scam of Rs 1,000 crore. If a person has Rs 1 lakh, he does a scam of Rs 5 lakh. So, instead of pointing fingers at others, we should try to improve ourself. I never break traffic rules so that I can avoid corrupt cops. People are now aware of corruption in India. It’s time for all of us to join hands and fight it ------ Rajeev Khandelwal : Host of TV show Sach Ka Saamna: Bhrashtachaar Ke Khilaaf

Source : Daily Pioneer

डेन्मार्कमें स्थित हरे कृष्ण मंदिरपर मुसलमानोंद्वारा आक्रमण !

हिंदुओ, सामर्थ्यशाली हिंदुत्ववादी संगठन एवं मुसलमानोंकी दास्यता करनेमें स्वयंको धन्य समझनेवाले हिंदुद्वेषी कांग्रेसी नेता इसपर कोई कृति नहीं करेंगे । इसलिए आपही कृतिशील हो जाएं !

हिंदुओंको पारंपरिक वेश परिधान न करनेकी विनती करनेवाला स्थानीय प्रशासन क्या मुसलमानोंको ऐसा सूचित करनेका साहस दिखाएगा ?

डेन्मार्क देश ईसाई बहुसंख्यक है । इस देशमें यदि हिंदुओंको अपने धर्मानुसार आचरण करना असंभव है, तो पाक, बांगलादेश, मलेशिया एवं इंडोनेशियाके समान मुसलमान बहुसंख्यक राष्ट्रमें हिंदुओंकी स्थिति क्या होगी, इसका हम विचार भी नहीं कर सकते । इस घटनासे यह स्पष्ट होता हैं कि, हिंदुओंके लिए संपूर्ण विश्वमें एक भी सुरक्षित स्थान नहीं है । यह स्थिति परिवर्तित करने हेतु हिंदु राष्ट्र स्थापित करना अनिवार्य है । - संपादक

कोपनहेगन, २४ दिसंबर - डेन्मार्कमें पश्चिम कोपनहेगनमें स्थित ‘हरे कृष्ण’ मंदिरपर मुसलमानोंके एक समुदायने आक्रमण किया । युवकोंके इस समुदायद्वारा मंदिरपर पथराव कर मंदिरके द्वारके शीशे तोडे गए । मुसलमानोंके समुदायसे संघर्ष टालनेके लिए नगर प्रशासनद्वारा मंदिरके आसपासके मुसलमान प्रभावित क्षेत्रमें हिंदु भक्तोंको पारंपरिक वेश परिधान न करनेकी विनती की गई है । (अर्थात् डेन्मार्कमें हिंदुओंका धर्मपालन करना कठिन हो गया है । आज ‘पारंपरिक वेश परिधान न करें’, ऐसा कहनेवाले भविष्यमें पूजा-पाठ करनेके लिए भी प्रतिबंध लगाएंगे । विश्वभरमें हिंदुओंने संगठित होकर ऐसी घटनाओंका विरोध नहीं किया, तो पूरे विश्वमें हिंदुओंके श्रद्धास्थान नष्ट करनेके लिए भी मुसलमान हिचकिचाएंगे नहीं । - संपादक) डॅनिश पुलिसद्वारा इस आक्रमणके विषयमें प्रथमदर्शी अहवाल नीचे दिएनुसार बनाया गया है ।

१. मुसलमान गुंडोंके एक समुदायने कोपनहेगन स्थित ‘हरे कृष्ण’ मंदिरपर आक्रमण किया । इन गुंडोंने प्रथम मंदिरके प्रवेश द्वारपर पथराव किया । तदुपरांत माताजी आश्रमकी खिडकियां तोडीं । मंदिरके अध्यक्षद्वारा इस आक्रमणके विरोधमें पुलिसमें परिवाद प्रविष्ट किया गया । परिवाद प्रविष्ट करनेके आधे घंटेके उपरांत केवल एक पुलिस अधिकारी घटनास्थलपर आया । उसने मंदिरकी हानिका विषय पंजीकृत किया एवं वहांसे चला गया । आधे घंटेमें मुसलमान गुंडोंके बडे समुदायने पुनः मंदिरपर आक्रमण कर पथराव किया तथा द्वारके शीशे तोडें । तदुपरांत उन्होंने मंदिरका प्रवेशद्वार तोडकर मंदिरमें प्रवेश करनेका प्रयत्न किया । इस विषयमें पुलिसमें पुनः परिवाद प्रविष्ट किया गया; परंतु उस समय एक भी पुलिस घटनास्थलपर नहीं आया । (यदि मुसलमानोंद्वारा किसी चर्चपर आक्रमण हुआ होता, तो डॅनिश पुलिसने निश्चित ही ऐसा व्यवहार नहीं किया होता । उन्होंने अपराधी मुसलमानोंको ढूंढ निकाल उन्हें न्यायालयके समक्ष खडा किया होता । डॅनिश पुलिसद्वारा हिंदुओंके परिवादकी उपेक्षा यह मुसलमानोंकी दास्यता करनेवाली कांग्रेसका ही पाप है । हिंदु बहुसंख्यक भारतमें ही यदि हिंदुओंके साथ शुल्क नागरिकके समान व्यवहार किया जाता है, तो विश्वके अन्य देशोंसे सम्मानपूर्वक व्यवहार होगा, इस प्रकारकी अपेक्षा करना ही मूर्खता है । हिंदुओ, विश्वमें एवं भारतमें आपकी स्थिति बिन बुलाए अतिथिसमान करनेवाले राष्ट्रद्रोही कांग्रेसवालोंको आप कितने समयतक सहेंगे ? - संपादक)

२. हरे कृष्ण मंदिरपर जिस दिन आक्रमण हुआ, उसी दिन प्रातः मंदिरके दो भक्तोंको नगरमें क्षुद्रसे कारणको लेकर मारपीट की गई थी । यह संघर्ष न बढे तथा स्थानीय मुसलमानोंद्वारा पुनः आक्रमण न हो, इस हेतु मंदिरके भक्तोंको पारंपरिक वेश परिधान न कर बाहर जानेका आवाहन किया गया है । (हिंदुओंकी धर्मस्वतंत्रतापर आंच लानेका ही यह प्रसंग है । मुसलमान गुंडोंपर कार्यवाही करनेकी अपेक्षा हिंदुओंको ही बाहर जानेके लिए रोकना अर्थात् मुसलमानोंको गुंडागर्दी करनेके लिए अनुमति देनेसमान ही है ! क्या प्रशासनने ईसाईयोंको ऐसा कहनेका साहस दिखाया होता ? हिंदुओंकी अतिसहनशीलता एवं भारतीय शासकोंद्वारा मुसलमानोंकी दास्यता ही मुसलमानोंकी इस उद्दंडताको कारणभूत हैं । हिंदुओ, यदि आपने इन जिहादियोंके विरोधमें संगठित होकर कृत्य नहीं किया, तो वे आपका अस्तित्व ही नष्ट कर देंगे यह निश्चित है ! - संपादक)

स्रोत : Hindu JanJagruti Samiti

Swami Shraddhanand : A Martyr Hindu Leader !

Let us remember Swami Shraddhanand on his 85th Martyrdom Anniversary.Shame on Bharat's Selfish political parties who have forgotten the sacrifice of Swami Shraddhanand !

December 23 2011 :

Realising the psychology of Hindus about getting directionless if their leader directing them gets killed, the Hindu leaders are being killed by Hindu haters in a very systematic manner. 125 people from Sangh Parivar have been killed in the last some years in Kerala. Swami Laxmananand was killed in Orissa in 2008. Swami Shraddhanand was the first Hindu leader getting killed by the murderous tradition of the Hindu haters. He was killed by a fanatic Muslim by name Abdul Rashid on 23rd December 1926. Today is His 85th Martyrdom Anniversary.

Whole life having been spent nurturing faith in Veds and Vedic Dharma, He naming himself as Swami Sharaddhanand

Swami Shraddhanand alias Lala Munshiram, got initiated into Vānaprasthāshram (Third stage among the four stages of life, retired householder) at the age of 35 and He became Mahatma Munshiram. He established a Gurukul (A residential school system prevalent in ancient Bharat, where teaching on all areas of life, including spiritual practice was done by Gurus or Sages) at Kangari region near Haridwar in 1902. In the beginning His 2 sons, Harishchandra and Indra were His students and Mahatma Himself became the Acharya (Teacher). At present thousands of students are studying there and Gurukul Kangari is now an University. Munshiram served in Gurukul continuously for 15 years. Later in the year 1917, Mahatma Munshiram got initiated into Sanyāsāshram (The last among the four stages of life, namely, the stage of a renunciant). While speaking at the time of initiation ceremony, He had said that I will name myself. Since I have spent my whole life nurturing Veds and Vedic Dharma and will keep on doing the same in future, so I am naming Myself as Shraddhanand.

Active participation in the freedom struggle !

Swami Shraddhanand’s mission of liberating the country was invaluable. ‘Marshal Law’ in Punjab and ‘Rowlatt Act’ were forced upon Bharatiyas. There was agitation in Delhi against the oppressive ‘Rowlatt Act’. Swami Shraddhanand was leading the agitation. There was ban on processions then. Swamiji announced challenging the ban that, a procession will be held in Delhi. Accordingly thousands of patriots had joined the procession by the time it reached Chandani Chowk. The Gurkha regiment was ready with guns, bayonets etc. at the command of the British. Brave Sharaddhanand reached the venue with thousands of followers. He came forward fearlessly when they were about to shoot and roared loudly, before killing the innocent people kill me first. Immediately the bayonets were lowered down and he procession went ahead peacefully.

Brave renunciant giving a speech reciting Ved Matras at Delhi’s Jama Masjid !

Swami Shraddhanand had given a speech at Delhi’s Jama Masjid in the year 1922. He recited Ved Mantras first and gave an inspiring speech. Swami Sharaddhanand was the only one to have the honour of giving a speech reciting Ved Mantras. This was an extraordinary moment in the History of the world.

Leaving Pro-Muslim Congress and joining Hindu Mahasabha

When He studied the situation properly He realised that the Muslim remains a Muslim even after joining Congress, they even could stop Congress meeting for the sake of their ‘Namaj’. Hindu Dharma was suffering injustice in Congress. When He learnt the truth, He immediately left Congress and established ‘Hindu Mahasabha’ with the help of Madanmohan Malaviya

Great work of re-conversion of converted Hindus

In order to stop the increasing number of Muslims compared to Hindus. He started a Holy campaign of purifying the converted Hindus. He opened an office at Agra. There were many Rajputs at Agra, Bharatpur, Mathura etc. who had been converted to Islam that time only; but they wanted to come back to Hinduism. 5 lacs of Rajputs were ready to accept Hinduism. Swami Shraddhanand was leading this campaign. He organised a huge gathering for this purpose and purified those Rajputs. Many villages got purified under His leadership. This mission created a new consciousness, a new energy and enthusiasm among Hindus and the number of Hindu organisations increased. A Muslim woman by name Ajgaribegum from Karachi was initiated into Hinduism. This incident created a furore among Muslims and Swamiji was known all over the world.

Victim of murderous tradition of Islam

A Muslim fanatic by name Abdul Rashid reached Swamijis residence at Delhi on 23rd December and said that, he wished to discuss Islam with Swamiji. He had covered himself with a blanket. He had hidden a gun inside the blanket. Mr. Dharmapal who was in the service of Swamiji, was accompanying Swamiji. So he could not do anything. He asked for a glass of water. After giving him water when Dharmapal went inside taking the glass, Rashid fired gun shots at Swamiji. Dharmapal had caught Rashid. By the time people gathered there Swamiji was no more. Action was taken against Rashid. Thus Swami Shraddhanand was the victim of murderous tradition of Islam; but He attained martyrdom and made His Name immortal.

As soon as Swami Shraddhanand objected to conversion to Islam, Gandhiji and Muslims losing interest in Him and fanatic Muslim killing Him

Gandhiji liked Swami Shraddhanand very much. But when He started the campaign of reconverting the converted Hindus to Hinduism, Gandhiji and Muslims lost interest in Him. Not only this but Abdul Rashid killed Him at point blank with a gun. Lot of Muslims joined the funeral procession in great number. Not only this, but it was published in a newspaper that an ‘Ilamuddin’ must be born in every house. This desire of Muslims has been fulfilled and is being fulfilled now. The killer, Abdul Rashid, of Swami Shraddhanand was addressed with great honour by Gandhiji as ‘Mere Bhai !’ It is very obvious; because even if a Hindu is being killed in an incident, Gandhiji would politicise it.

Source : Hindu JanJagruti Samiti

Sonia Gandhi is the 'root cause of corruption' in India...Dr. Swamy

December 18 2011:
Margshirsh Krushna Ashtami, Kaliyug Varsha 5113

SURAT: Janata Party chief Subramanian Swamy on Sunday
accused Congress President Sonia Gandhi of causing corruption in the country. "The root cause of corruption, which is spreading in India is Sonia Gandhi. Till the time Sonia Gandhi would not get punished, it is impossible to remove corruption from the country," he told the media here.

Swamy also criticised Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi, saying the latter was not the appropriate candidate for the Prime Minister's post.

"Rahul Gandhi is a 'fool'. He is not eligible to become Prime Minister and I cannot reveal his false deeds right now. However, if the decision of electing him as the Prime Minister would come in force then I would reveal all the truths related with him as I did with Sonia Gandhi and not let her become the Prime Minister," he added.

Further hitting out at P. Chidambaram, Subramanian Swamy said the Union Home Minister has been in 'active connivance' with former Telecom Minister A. Raja.

Swamy clearly stated that if the Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, defended Chidambaram in the 2G scam then he would term the former to be a co-accused in the case.

"If he (Prime Minister Manmohan Singh) would back Chidambaram in 2G telecom scam then I assure you that I would hold Prime Minister a co-accused in the scam as after seeing a lot of proofs, he has no right to defend Chidambaram if he himself is not an accused," he said.

Chidambaram has been at the centre of political storm ever since certain reports revealed his alleged role in 'deciding' the prices of 2G-spectrum during his earlier tenure as the Finance Minister, thus embroiling him in the telecom scam.

His name cropped up in a recent letter of Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee addressed to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, in which Mukherjee blamed his predecessor for not sticking to the established procedures in auctioning of the 2-G spectrum.

The letter stated that sufficient steps were not taken by Chidambaram to prevent the colossal scam from occurring in the first place, considering he could have 'stuck to the stand' of auctioning of the precious spectrum instead of giving it at throwaway prices.

The telecom scam, one of India's biggest graft cases ever, may have cost 39.57 billion dollars in revenue to the public exchequer as per the Comptroller and Auditor General ( CAG).

Raja was sacked last November and later arrested after being charged with giving away telecom licenses in 2008 at meagre prices.

Source : The Economic Times

Raja committed offence with active connivance of Chidu : Swamy

December 17 2011 :
Margshirsh Krushna Saptami, Kaliyug Varsha 5113

New Delhi: Janata Party chief Subramanian Swamy today urged a Delhi court to make P Chidambaram an accused in the 2G case for his alleged role in allowing two telecom firms to earn windfall profits by offloading their shares to foreign firms.

Deposing as a witness in support of his private complaint, he told Special CBI Judge OP Saini that the then finance minister was also culpable like A Raja, then telecom minister, as they were party to the decision of non-revision of entry fees of Rs 1658 crore, decided in 2001 during NDA regime.

Chidambaram, as Finance Minister, had allowed accused Swan Telecom and Unitech Wireless to earn windfall profits by offloading their shares to UAE-based Etisalat and Norway-based Telenor respectively after getting the Unified Access Services Licenses (UASL).

“As far as charge against A Raja is concerned it is that Swan and Unitech were allowed to offload their shares to Etisalat and Telenor respectively,” Swamy testified.

The Janata Party leader also referred to a document of 5 November 2008 on a meeting between Raja and Chidambaram, that the finance minister had clarified that the dilution of shares by the two firms did not amount to sale of UASL and was permissible under corporate law.

“Ministry of Home Affairs had then raised objections regarding Etisalat (the company to which Swan Telecom allegedly offloaded its shares) in India,” he said.

“Mr P Chidambaram was aware at least on January 9, 2008 of what Mr Raja was planning to do on January 10, 2008 (the day four counters were made in DoT to grant Letters of Intent by allegedly flouting first-come-serve policy),” he said.

Swamy also said “Raja could not be guilty of this charge (deciding to stick with the price of spectrum fixed in 2001) alone but he committed this offence with the active connivance of P Chidambaram, presently the Home Minister”.

Chidambaram and Raja, as Finance and Telecom ministers respectively, were empowered by a 2003 Cabinet decision to determine the spectrum price jointly and this fact has been corroborated by a statement of the Prime Minister made in the Rajya Sabha, he said.

“The Prime Minister has also corroborated this in his statement made on the floor of Rajya Sabha on February 24, 2011. It is stated that the government policy on pricing of spectrum was taken on the basis of a cabinet decision of 2003 which specifically left the issue to the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Telecommunications,” he, referring to the PM’s statement, said.

Swamy said that “in pursuance of this empowerment, the two ministers, Chidambaram and Raja, met on four occasions first on January 30, 2008, second on May 29, third on June 12 the same year and then subsequently, an agreement was reached. And the meeting of minds took place and later, they met the Prime Minister to convey their agreement on the question of price of spectrum.”

He referred to the minutes of meeting, held on January 30, 2008, which recorded that “the Finance Minister was for now not seeking to revisit the current regime of entry fee and revenue share”.

“The same document further states that spectrum upto 6.2 MHz may not be priced,” he said.

The recording of Swamy’s statement remained inconclusive and would be resumed on 7 January as he sought time to place on record some more documents.

Earlier, the court had allowed Swamy’s plea to re-open his statement in the case in view of the emergence of some new facts about the identity of other co-conspirators.

It had, however, said his plea to summon other witnesses, including some government officials, in the case shall be allowed only after relevance of their testimonies is explained.

Swamy had earlier also referred to the allegations that Swan Telecom was allotted UAS licences for 13 circles for Rs 1,537 crore and it offloaded 45 percent of its shares in the licences before the roll-out to Etisalat of UAE for Rs 4,200 crores.

Similarly, Unitech was allotted UAS licences for 22 circles for Rs 1,658 crore and it offloaded 60 percent of its shares in the licences to M/s Telenor of Norway for Rs 6,100 crore even before the roll-out, he had said.

Source : PTI

2G scam: I am convinced Chidambaram will be made an accused, says Subramanian Swamy

December 16 2011 :
Margashirsha Krushna 6, Kaliyug Varsha 5113

Exclusive Interview of Dr. Swamy by Sandeep Bamzai

Subramanian Swamy has petitioned the 2G trial court in his quest to make Home Minister P. Chidambaram a co-accused in the 2G spectrum case. On December17, he will make a statement on oath that Chidambaram is prima facie guilty and seek the summoning of two crucial witnesses-CBI Joint Director H.C. Awasthi and then additional secretary, finance, Sindhushree Khullar. He is judge, jury and executioner all rolled into one. His smiling visage conveys it all when he meets Sandeep Bamzai at his Nizamuddin East home in Delhi. Swamy believes he is close to getting Chidambaram sent to prison as a co-accused.Excerpts.

Q. What is your game plan for December 17?

A. I have been trying for a pincer movement and I think I am succeeding -the idea is to leave very little to Special CBI Judge O.P. Saini's discretion. He is a very good judge, but there are huge stakes involved and nobody can afford to make a mistake. I argued in my capacity as a deemed public prosecutor with nearly 200 pages of documents. On December 17, I will come as a complainant and argue why Chidambaram needs to be made a co-accused in the 2G trial. If the judge is satisfied that I am not being frivolous, he can prima facie indicate that a crime has been committed by Chidambaram.

Q. What will you do after that?

A. I will argue that there is a February 11, 2008, Department of Economic Affairs note which will conclusively prove that the finance ministry under Chidambaram was alive to monetising spectrum by pricing it at Rs 5,772 crore instead of the Rs 1,650 crore which Raja made the nine operators pay. The bulwark of my argument is that the letters of intent issued on January 10 did not give the decision contractual status. I will establish that had Chidambaram wanted, this decision could have been reversed. Moreover, even after licences had been issued, the March 25, 2011, finance ministry office memorandum clearly states that had the ministry wanted, the terms of the licences could have been modified. The fait accompli offered by the CBI while giving a clean chit to Chidambaram is a bogus argument.

Q. Why do you say that?

A. On November 22, 2007, the finance secretary wrote to the dot secretary. The reply was put up on November 29, which clearly shows Chidambaram knew. On December 17, a note was put up to assess the market price. Strangely on January 8, news agency Press Trust of India (PTI) put out a story listing the entities which would be given licences. How is it that PTI knew that X, Y and Z would be getting licences? Even more clinching is the January 9, 2008 position paper prepared by Sindhushree Khullar, then additional secretary in the finance ministry. This note was prepared on January 3 but put up on January 9. The same became the template for Chidambaram's letter to the PM with the famous last words-let us treat this as a closed chapter.

Q. What do you think Judge Saini will do on December 17?

A. I am clear that Chidambaram knew before, knew after and still knows everything there is to know about 2G. There are two things the judge can do after hearing my deposition as a complainant. He will allow me to cross-examine Khullar who I will ask a simple question: Did you or did you not tell your minister that the Transaction of Business Rules allowed him to refer the matter to the Cabinet even as late as January 9, just a day prior to the fateful events of January 10? Similarly, I will question Awasthi about why the agency has not moved on Etisalat and Telenor. The Supreme Court handed over documents pertaining to these two companies to the CBI counsel in February 2011. These proved that both companies should not have been allowed to do business in India since they had dealings in Pakistan and China. The Supreme Court asked CBI to investigate the matter because the home ministry wanted both entities banned. I want to ask Awasthi: if you got these papers, why did you not act on them and how did you allow the sale of fresh shares in both Swan and Unitech Wireless to these two companies?

Q. What is at the heart of your dislike for Chidambaram?

A. I have no animus against him. Karunanidhi said that I am a Brahmin so I have an animus against Raja. He said that I am anti-woman so I have an animus against Kanimozhi. What will they say now? The reality is that Congressmen have an animus against Chidambaram. I have fond expectations that I will send him to prison.

Q. You made a hue and cry about Anil Ambani and Ratan Tata not being in the chargesheet, and yet there was not a peep about the Ruias?

A. I have a bone to pick with Ambani because as commerce minister I once helped Nusli Wadia which was like a red rag to a bull. Tata's involvement with Niira Radia is sordid. My interest is to pursue cases against politicians. If you are in politics you are bound to get to know businessmen. I am a private person, I am not the CBI.

Q. Where is this trial is headed? There are close to 150 witnesses and only number six is testifying.

A. I am convinced that politicians involved will be convicted-Raja, Kanimozhi, Chidambaram, Dayanidhi Maran and two other politicians whose names I will not reveal now. As far as businessmen are concerned, that is up to the CBI, but my investigation will bear fruit. I am very close now.

Q. Why are you so convinced that Chidambaram is at fault?

A. In this case, I have gone beyond the prima facie. I am convinced Chidambaram will be made an accused. I have proof to secure a conviction.

Q. What are the three things that you foresee next?

A. I think convictions will begin by July. The attachment of properties will begin around the same time. Finally, I would like to see the people who have managed to stay out of the public eye till now-media, lobbyists and others of their kind-pay a price. We need to recapture the soul of India and put an end to greed and crony capitalism.

Source : IndiaToday