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Dr. Subramanian Swamy in support of Sant Shri Asaram Bapu

2G : Dr. Swamy to give ‘solid’ evidence against PC

January 7 2011 :

Keeping the UPA Government on tenterhooks in the 2G scam, Janata Party chief Subramanian Swamy would submit PMO and Finance Ministry-certified copies of documents which point fingers at Home Minister P Chidambaram’s involvement, in the Special Court on Saturday. After producing the certified documents, Swamy is expected to conclude his arguments, demanding issuing summons to Chidambaram.

Swamy’s plea before the Special Judge OP Saini is for making Chidambaram a co-accused with the jailed former Telecom Minister A Raja. His main demand is to summon Chidambaram under Section 319 under CrPC. The Section empowers the judge to summon a person who appears to be guilty in a case.

According to sources, Swamy would produce Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee-approved controversial office memorandum to PMO on the timeline and details of the spectrum allocation. This 13-page note, which detailed Chidambaram’s lapses in spectrum allocation as a Finance Minister, had shaken the UPA Government in September, last year, after Swamy placed the photocopies before the Supreme Court.

Swamy would also produce the certified copies of five minutes of the meetings between Raja and Chidambaram during January-November 2008. These minutes, which were closely held by the Government, exposes that both Ministers shared the same view in allotting spectrum and licences at a seven-year-old price and both had shared the same view in allowing the newly formed companies to sell their shares at exorbitant rates to multi-national companies.

Source : dailypioneer

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