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Harvard : Madrassa on the “Charles”

January 5 2012 :

When even a man like Richard Nixon called Harvard the “Kremlin on the Charles,” he probably didn’t envision in how many horrible ways that would eventually ring true. In late 2010, Harvard, instead of doing the right and honourable thing, simply went ahead and showed exactly how Kremlinesque it was. Stalin would have nodded approvingly in his grave at its disgusting U-turn in a span of mere months. If you want the short version, Harvard has fallen from its hoary pedestal on which stood the likes of Emerson, Thoreau, and T.Roosevelt and has today become a sprawling den of petty fund-mongers who have exhibited no scruples in putting it on the fast-track to convert it to the Madrassa on the Charles.

The longer version began sometime early in December 2011 when it sacked Dr. Subramanian Swamy from teaching his Summer economics course, something he’s been doing there for ages. Here’s the dirty saga in full. Dr. Swamy has aptly characterized Harvard’s chicanery as a Spanish Inquisition.

Actually, let me correct myself. Harvard’s descent into Madrassadom didn’t begin with Dr. Swamy’s Communist-style expulsion. His expulsion is perhaps the most open and brazen display of how Harvard cravenly does the bidding of the people who want to Islamize nations, which according to them constitute Dar-ul-Harb.

Harvard’s descent began when the Left infiltrated its ranks and began to steadily inject the political correctness—also called Americans, Hate-America!—venom. Here’s a pretty detailed study of what went wrong with Middle Eastern Studies in US universities: the primary reason is the Leftist infiltration and takeover followed by gradual inroads made by Islamism. And so in 1994 or so when an Islamic zealot masquerading as a scholar writes openly hoping that “a great number of American soldiers to be killed” in the Kuwait war, and nobody criticizes him, you know the nature of atmosphere that’s been created at Harvard. This was followed by an endowment here and a chair there across the American academia to “study and promote the understanding of Islam,” “foster studies to understand in depth the rich cultural history of Islam,” “bridge the understanding between East and West to further harmony and peace between diverse cultures and religions”….. you get the gist. Needless, Harvard was no exception to this.

And so when economy-wreckers like Larry Summers became Harvard’s President, the Harvard Law School already had three Saudi-funded endowments one of which was inaugurated by Prince Bandar, former Saudi ambassador to the US, a man who funds terrorism, and the other by Osama Bin Laden’s own brother. On a related note, a search for “Islamic Gift” on the Harvard Gazette site yields interesting but startling results. Almost every search result resembles something what the Utterly Faithful say about Islam.

It was Larry Summers, whose boundless greed and shameless knavery accelerated Harvard’s descent into what it’s become today: a state-of-the-art Madrassa of Islamic Higher Education. Andrew McCarthy explains it beautifully:

Harvard’s president Larry Summers, accepted a stunning $20 million donation for the creation of a program of studies to lionize Islam’s history and jurisprudence. The cash came from the Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the billionaire investor whose attempted $10 million contribution to the Twin Towers fund had been refused by New York mayor Rudy Giuliani when bin Talal blamed the 9/11 atrocities on American foreign policy. Summers, the anti-Giuliani, not only took the money but named the program and an endowed professorship in the prince’s honor.

With such an enormous stash, Summers got one of his favorite minions, Elena Kagan to start what’s known as the Islamic Finance Project, a euphemism for Sharia through the backdoor. This woman is now the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. A hardcore Marxist, she’s pretty illustrative of how the Left steadily gets into powerful positions over time using the same democratic processes and institutions that it seeks to destroy. To get a glimpse into the long-term implications of this Islamic Finance Project, we can turn to Andrew McCarthy again:

Kagan and other apologists for SCF [Ed: Sharia-complaint Financing a.k.a Islamic banking] would absolve themselves from the real-world consequences of their allegedly well-intentioned diversity fetish. But legitimizing any aspect of sharia is the endorsement of all of it. Moreover, there is no cut-and-dried separation of sharia brutality from the tidy, white-collar world of financial transactions.

To pull off the SCF chicanery, financial institutions hire as advisers Islamic clerics who are expert in Muslim jurisprudence — there being, again, no separation between divine edicts and the secular law in Islam. It is those clerics, many of them Islamists, who decide what transactions are permissible. And very often, to purge the taint, prohibited interest payments are diverted to Islamic “charities.” It all sounds wonderful . . . except for what they don’t tell you: The major schools of Islamic jurisprudence teach that support for violent jihad is a legitimate form of charitable giving. […] SCF is thus the Islamist triple-play: It elbows sharia’s way into our legal system, from whence it can expand its influence; it institutionalizes financial jihad; and it pressures true Muslim moderates to shun Western practices. It is, furthermore, unabashedly anti-capitalist — another reason the Left likes it so much.

And not even the naivest of the naïve would actually believe that Summers had any lofty educational or knowledge-enhancing goals in mind when he accepted Prince Alwaleed’s largesse. Alwaleed had the means to temporarily quench Summers unquenchable greed in return for Summers allowing him to plant yet another Jihad-furthering unit right in the heart of what’s still regarded as the numero uno of the US academia.

So it’s entirely consistent with Harvard Madrassa Project’s aims and objectives when Professor John Esposito writes extreme apologies for Islamic terror groups in the Harvard International Review (Check out Investigative Project on Terrorism’s damning dossier on him). Which is also the reason Harvard invites bloody dictators like Khatami to its campus. Or employs the vile Muslim Chaplain who “counseled” the insane bigot Major Hassan who went on a shooting spree at Fort Hood. Or allows Sara Roy, a Israel-hating, and vitriol-spewing woman to spin lies about the 2008 Gaza war openly in class. Or helps the spread of propaganda in Arabic language classes. I could go on with similar and more extreme examples of how the Islamization virus has now become an almost-fully blown disease at Harvard. Here’s a pretty comprehensive list for you to read and shudder. The tragic cruelty is that this virus was willingly injected by American citizens like Larry Summers themselves: one of our own feeding us to fanatical wolves who want to convert and/or destroy us.

It’s the same sickening pattern at work again. What began as academic programs to broaden scholarship, foster understanding etcetera has now degenerated into an unofficial ban against criticizing Islam in any form and enforcing Islamic mores on the university campus. Here’s a seemingly silly instance where the university prohibited male students from using the gym during certain hours because female Muslim students laid down that “their faith forbids them from wearing revealing clothing in the presence of men.” Not just that. Harvard allowed the Azaan Call (Muslim call to prayer) “to be broadcast across the campus from the steps of the main library during the Islam Awareness Week” sometime in March-April 2008. And now, Dr. Subramanian Swamy’s shameful expulsion. It’s that $20 Million from Prince Alwaleed at work behind these “decisions.” All those protesting against Harvard’s “disgraceful throttling of free speech” in Dr. Swamy’s case need to look here for the answer. Per Harvard’s Larry Summer’s Code of Ethics, petrodollars triumphs over free speech just as Islam and free speech are mutually exclusive.

That this kind of open partiality towards supporters of Islamism and discrimination against and stifling of critical voices has been going on for more than a decade despite tons of evidence is pretty telling on the US government itself. Is it because the very propagators have sat in and continue to occupy important government positions? Larry Summers and Kagan are just two examples. Let’s face it: the US policy on the Arab world has been flawed from the start. If the US thought it was good policy to give the Arab world technology and other goodies in exchange for oil, it was not only shortsighted but foolish as well. The Arab world—chiefly Saudi—used the same oil dollars to spread the poison of Islamism by buying out universities and sections of the media. As we continue to witness, technology has come to Arabia but it still has retained its Islam in all its 7th century purity. It’s this pure Islam that it wants to spread across the non-Muslim countries using means fair and foul.

The happenings at the Madrassa on the Charles are far more alarming than most realize. Let’s not forget the fact that the US government draws most of its top people from Harvard and similar 5-star universities. None of these universities have been spared from Islamic funding. It’s truly a nightmarish future scenario when corrupt sleazeballs occupy top positions in the administration and from being terror-apologists, become open supporters of Islamic terror. The next step is the Islamic Republic of America.

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