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Dr. Subramanian Swamy in support of Sant Shri Asaram Bapu

Delhi CM funded Ramdev inkman's NGO: Subramanian Swamy

16 January 2012 (RANCHI): Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy
has accused Delhi chief minister Shiela Dixit of funding the NGO named "Real Cause" operated by Kamran Siddique who splashed black ink on Baba Ramdev in Delhi on Saturday.

Swamy, a petitioner in 2G spectrum scam who was addressing a joint press conference with Ramdev at Constitution Club in Delhi on Saturday when the ink incident took place, was here on Sunday to release a book. He said Siddique ran an NGO that received a donation of Rs 25 lakh from Dixit.

"This has been proved beyond doubt that Siddique has links with the Congress and he tried to silence Yoga guru because he was speaking against corruption and black money," the Janata Party leader said.

He announced to address a programme in Delhi along with Baba Ramdev on February 4 and ridiculed Congress's Digvijay Singh for linking Siddique with the BJP-RSS. "A lay man can understand which party is being aggrieved by the campaign against black money and corruption and now Siddique's whereabouts are in the open," he said.

Swamy clarified that in course of initial investigation it had been found that Siddique was released from jail about a fortnight back. "If a person is released from jail by an executive order and then he enters a press conference venue to throw ink on a crusader against corruption, any lay man can link the dots to guess the brain behind," he said.

Commenting on Digjijay Singh's statement, Swamy said, "The man is either suffering from brain cancer or has lost his mental balance. He should visit Kanke for treatment otherwise he would continue to speak absurd things."

Expressing support for movements spearheaded by Anna Hazare and Ramdev, the Janata Party president said while a group of people believe in strong Jan Lokpal bill, he affiliated himself to the club of people who believe in power of institutions and existing law. "I have used the existing laws to push Raja behind the bars and now awaiting a similar fate for Union home minister P Chidambaram," he said.

Swamy stressed that Chidambaram was accused of similar charges under which dalit leader A Raja had been sent to jail. "We are waiting for the apex court's decision pending on Chidambaram slated for January 21," he said adding that Koda was also an escape goat like Raja who had been sent to jail for being a tribal.

Without taking names, Swamy said behind Raja and Koda, a mastermind was sitting as " queen" in Delhi who must be brought to book under the existing laws and constitutional institutions.

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