In the next election whichever political party gets elected even then the worst condition of Bharat and Hindus will not change. To bring the change we have to continue our efforts for the establishment of Hindu Rashtra. - Dr. Athavle...When Governments consistently fail, it is Hindus who must get ready !...H.H.Dr. Jayant Athavale(Sanatan Sanstha)....There is no counter terror strategy except the one I have given in the DNA article...Dr. Swamy....Hindu vote must consolidate with those others who accept Hindu ancestry for a virat Hindustani sarkar...Dr.Swamy

Dr. Subramanian Swamy in support of Sant Shri Asaram Bapu

Sonia Gandhi is the 'root cause of corruption' in India...Dr. Swamy

December 18 2011:
Margshirsh Krushna Ashtami, Kaliyug Varsha 5113

SURAT: Janata Party chief Subramanian Swamy on Sunday
accused Congress President Sonia Gandhi of causing corruption in the country. "The root cause of corruption, which is spreading in India is Sonia Gandhi. Till the time Sonia Gandhi would not get punished, it is impossible to remove corruption from the country," he told the media here.

Swamy also criticised Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi, saying the latter was not the appropriate candidate for the Prime Minister's post.

"Rahul Gandhi is a 'fool'. He is not eligible to become Prime Minister and I cannot reveal his false deeds right now. However, if the decision of electing him as the Prime Minister would come in force then I would reveal all the truths related with him as I did with Sonia Gandhi and not let her become the Prime Minister," he added.

Further hitting out at P. Chidambaram, Subramanian Swamy said the Union Home Minister has been in 'active connivance' with former Telecom Minister A. Raja.

Swamy clearly stated that if the Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, defended Chidambaram in the 2G scam then he would term the former to be a co-accused in the case.

"If he (Prime Minister Manmohan Singh) would back Chidambaram in 2G telecom scam then I assure you that I would hold Prime Minister a co-accused in the scam as after seeing a lot of proofs, he has no right to defend Chidambaram if he himself is not an accused," he said.

Chidambaram has been at the centre of political storm ever since certain reports revealed his alleged role in 'deciding' the prices of 2G-spectrum during his earlier tenure as the Finance Minister, thus embroiling him in the telecom scam.

His name cropped up in a recent letter of Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee addressed to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, in which Mukherjee blamed his predecessor for not sticking to the established procedures in auctioning of the 2-G spectrum.

The letter stated that sufficient steps were not taken by Chidambaram to prevent the colossal scam from occurring in the first place, considering he could have 'stuck to the stand' of auctioning of the precious spectrum instead of giving it at throwaway prices.

The telecom scam, one of India's biggest graft cases ever, may have cost 39.57 billion dollars in revenue to the public exchequer as per the Comptroller and Auditor General ( CAG).

Raja was sacked last November and later arrested after being charged with giving away telecom licenses in 2008 at meagre prices.

Source : The Economic Times

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