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New EVMs to give printout of votes cast

ECI takes special steps to tackle paid news menace
An innovative and state-of-the-art Electronic Voting machine (EVM) is going to be introduced into the stable of Election Commission of India (ECI) soon.
This EVM will show where your vote is cast (to which candidate) and also give a print out in three to four seconds like an ATM receipt.

Election Commissioner Harishankar Brahma who is in Hyderabad to review the by-poll preparations says he will be visiting the manufacturer Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL) for a live demonstration on Saturday. “Hopefully we will put it up for demonstrations before 2014,” he said.

He said the validity and genuineness of the EVMs have been proved in all the elections and the ECI will never think of abandoning the EVMs.

Commenting on the by-polls, Brahma said the Election Process Information Collection cards and the voters slips issued by the EC will be the only authorised documents for empowering the voters in the ensuing by-elections on June 12.

The Election Commission on Friday issued notification for by-polls to one Lok Sabha and 18 Assembly seats. Nominations will be accepted till May 25 and May 28 for withdrawals. The results will be declared on June 15.

Brahma said nearly Rs 15 crore of unaccounted money and over one lakh litres of illegal liquor has been seized during checks as part of the poll code. “Election process in Andhra Pradesh is known for money and liquor play,” he said adding that all efforts would be made to curb these menace.

The ECI has also made special arrangements to tackle the paid news menace.
“We have found that all over country 30 per cent of the election expenses are in form of paid news. Andhra Pradesh was always on the top line of the problem due to its TV and newspaper explosion in the state, Brahma said.

Source : Deccan Herald

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