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Dr. Subramanian Swamy in support of Sant Shri Asaram Bapu

Should have included Sonia Gandhi in the list, Subramaniam Swamy to Team Anna

Pune, May 27 (ANI): Team Anna should have included Congress chief Sonia Gandhi in their list of tainted ministers, 2-G scam petitioner Subramanian Swamy said on Sunday.

Swamy claimed that since Sonia Gandhi's permission was taken on every important government decision, Hazare aides should have included her name in the list.

"Why did they leave out Sonia Gandhi? Nothing happens without Sonia Gandhi's permission. She has got a cabinet rank as chairman of the National Advisory Council (NAC). Her opinion is taken on every issue," Swamy told reporters here.

Further, he said Team Anna should have approached the police and filed a First Information Report (FIR) against the listed ministers.

"Documents are not new. It had been better if Anna Hazare and his aides would have approached a police station and registered a FIR and demanded investigation," Swamy added.

Hazare aides have sought probe by a Special Investigation Team (SIT), consisting of former judges, within six months against 15 cabinet ministers including Prime Minister Manmohan Singh till July 24.  

Source : Yahoo News


  1. Sir, I think you have adopted to remain in circulation by targetting Sonia Gandhi and the members of Gandhi family every now and then.

    What is it that you have that no one else is doing the same was you are doing?

    Can we come out of this chasm of religion , race and other cults which is destroying the real essence of us being the largest democracy in the world, a country of 125 people , do u or anyone from your ilk thinks that he or she can do anything bad to this country? I think we have talent but all is lost on just blaming one single individual for the whole problems of this country

  2. It’s a serendipity that a daughter of a building mason to become one of the most powerful women in India - Sonia Gandhi


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