In the next election whichever political party gets elected even then the worst condition of Bharat and Hindus will not change. To bring the change we have to continue our efforts for the establishment of Hindu Rashtra. - Dr. Athavle...When Governments consistently fail, it is Hindus who must get ready !...H.H.Dr. Jayant Athavale(Sanatan Sanstha)....There is no counter terror strategy except the one I have given in the DNA article...Dr. Swamy....Hindu vote must consolidate with those others who accept Hindu ancestry for a virat Hindustani sarkar...Dr.Swamy

Dr. Subramanian Swamy in support of Sant Shri Asaram Bapu

Anti-Hindu Government ban website of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti !

Anti-Hindu step by the Congress led Union Government !

  • Ban on - the website of of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti !

  • Facebook Page of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti also blocked !

20 Aug, 2012 - Because they cannot ban Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Jnanjagruti Samiti (HJS), the rulers are putting a ban on the propagation of the mission of these organisations ! The rulers who  have imposed a ban on the websites of the Samiti today, will not hesitate to impose a ban on 'Sanatan Prabhat' as well as Sanatan Sanstha and HJS, tomorrow. 

According to an order from the Union Government, 250 websites that spread provocative news about the riots in Assam have been banned. Since yesterday, whenever readers  throughout Bharat tried to visit, they were getting the message ‘The site has been blocked as per the instructions from Department of Telecom (DOT)’. As a result they could not visit the website. If the readers have  experienced this, please let us know the name of the city, State, date etc. Samiti is consulting legal experts on this issue. 

Facebook Page of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti also blocked !

After this decision, from the night of 19.8.2012 Samiti's page on social networking website Facebook has also been blocked.  Presently this page is not accessible all over Bharat; however, it is accessible abroad. 

On the website of HJS as well as the page on Facebook, articles that depicted the truth underlying the riots in Assam and Mumbai were placed. There was no provocative matter in these articles. Because of these articles, Hindus around the world were getting to know the truth about these issues. Hence, the possibility of the Union Government as part of its Muslim appeasement policy, banning this page that vents the atrocities faced by the Hindus, cannot be denied.

Alternate Facebook Page of HJS

Until such time as the ban on Samiti’s page on Facebook is lifted, the readers are requested to visit the new page on Facebook

If the visitors of the website want any guidance about the course of action to be taken pertaining to Nation and Dharma, they may please contact the local activists of the Samiti.


  1. Very bad to ban a website such a this. People can use proxy servers to access it though.

  2. Indian people have respect, faith and love for their god and goddesses one more website have internet, doloarts in this website different style and look of god photos please go and visit

  3. Wiki-Limericks : MMS, PC, Madam and the Klown-Prince of Italy

    Tragic Comedy

    There once was an "Economics-Genius" named MMS
    Who was servile to Famiglia-Maino in excess
    He lost sleep when the man held in Oz
    Turned out to be an Indian Moz
    EVMs, CEC & Vote-Banks gave MMS election-success.

    The Nation's resources MMS gave to the Minority-Community
    Denying the Majority the Right to have Equal-Opportunity
    To any who probed, loftily he did declare :
    " Of not one single scam am I even aware,
    And as Caesar's-Wife, I have Diplomatic-Immunity."

    Protest his innocence loudly though he might
    As MMS assures the Nation that all is right
    Clearly, no clothes does our Emperor wear
    Even as he clings to the Royal-Chair
    From which the Nation wishes he would alight.

    There once was an erudite gentleman named PC
    Any mention of ‘Sivaganga’ made him very queasy
    Thrice-counted were the Votes, to ensure Error
    Wherever he looked, he saw only “Saffron-Terror”
    Wonder what he’s hiding under his Veshti !

    There once was a lady named Antonia
    Who fancied herself Queen of India
    She could barely speak Hindi
    Yet claimed to be a Gandhi
    Which made Indians forget she was a Phony-ia.

    Antonia broke her little toe-nail, and grew very afraid
    Then flew off to the US to get American Medical Aid
    Fumed Dr. MMS, “I could have fixed her toe-nail for free
    For I am a Real-Doctor, does our Madam not trust me ?
    All it would have taken me is a 5-Rupee-BandAid. “

    There once was a lad named Raoul Maino
    Who was less Indian and more Italiano
    He never studied or worked at any job
    For he had the backing of the Eyetalian Mob
    And his Bofors-Billions safe with Uncle Ottavio.

    A Right-Royal Dunce is this our mediocre Amul-Baby
    Fit only to be Klown-Prince of Mafiosi Sicily & Italy
    But his great-grand-dad, then his grandma Indira
    And then his dad, all jumped onto the Throne of India
    So, now we're stuck with the Amul-Baby and its Mommy !


  4. good, that website is banned. This website is supporting various superstitions (like dont use toothbrush ) and spreading venom against films like Deol , Jodha akbar and Amhi pachpute

    1. abe teri age kitni hai?
      aur jis site pe ban laga h uske bare me kya janta hai? abhi tu dhang se paida bhi nahi hua h aur itna khush ho raha h ban lagne par.aur nam to dekho...KRISHNA. ABE CHULLU BHAR PANI ME DUB KE MAR JA .DHARM PRACHAR KO DONT USE TOOTHBRUSH SE COMPARE KARTA HAI bhagwan ise maaf kare.

  5. murkhtapurn dharmprachaar dharmdroh or deshdroh dono hi hai. SAnatan sanstha ko acchi tarah se janta hu. Athawale logo ko bahkakar ullu banata hai or bhenchodgiri karta hai. usko aur uske tere jaise samarthako ko nasht kiya jaye, aur itihaas ke (sach much ke) kudedaan me dala jaye.


  6. First of all let me tell you, you have got a great blog. I am interested in looking for more of such topics and would like to have further information. Hope to see the next blog soon.

  7. Swmai Vivekananda is accused of Hindu Supremacisht over Islam and Christian. Please go for recent magazine published by Outlook.

    Author's interview published in

  8. This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I love seeing websites that understand the value of providing a quality resource for free.


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