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Ban on HJS Website : Ploy to suppress rising voice of Hindus

August 22, 2012    

 Adhik Bhadrapad Shukla 5, Kaliyug Varsha 5114

The Congress Government, without giving any ‘Show cause’ notice to Hindu Jnanajagruti Samiti (HJS), or giving it any chance to defend itself, has banned Samiti’s website ‘’, by terming it highly objectionable.  Even when water or Electricity bills are not paid, the concerned department gives notice to the defaulter, before disconnecting the water or electricity connection. In contrast, we have the HJS’s website that has been a pillar of support to the lakhs of Hindus not only in Bharat but over 170 countries across the world. And the reason for the ban – Posting and spreading highly provocative news about the riots in Assam. The Government  however, did not bother to even name the news reports that it termed as objectionable. Therefore, this ban is nothing but misuse of power by the Congressmen ! During the Emergency, there were instances when the Congress Government would cutoff the electricity supply the Newspapers. The Newspapers were even pressurized to write in favor of the Government. The dictatorship of Congress was once again experienced today. By banning the website that awakens the love for the Nation and Dharma of the people, the Congress has tried to suppress the freedom of expression, freedom of using the medium. Hence, no amount of condemnation of this ban will suffice !

This ban is only a means to take revenge on the Samiti !

Samiti merely published various news reports about Assam Riots that have appeared on the websites of Newspapers and news-websites. Had congress wanted to take action on the backdrop of the news reports pertaining to the Assam riots, it would have blocked only those pages that gave the related news; however, that did not happen. Using the stick of the law, the website was blocked. A simple glance at the homepage of HJS’ website, we find articles such as information on national heroes, ‘How should Hindus abide by Dharma’, ‘How to celebrate the Hindu festivals in a spiritually correct way’, Campaigns about denigration of Hindu Deities, educating information on the attacks on Hindu Dharma, etc. What objectionable did Congress find in all these articles ? Was there a remotest chance of aggravating the riot situations because of these articles ? When there was nothing of this sort, blocking the entire website is nothing but the revenge on the mission of Samiti.

HJS has been able to awaken the Hindus all over the world in a short span. Samiti’s website played a major role in this achievement. The Congressmen were envious of the tasks that were taken up by the Samiti. The congress Government has made an issue of the Assam riots and attacked the principal medium of HJS for the spread of its mission and thereby, attempted to weaken Hindus.

This is an attempt to let the culprit get away and punish the innocent !

The Congress Government is claiming that the action was taken to maintain Law and order. If that be so then why no action was taken against the Raza Academy that was responsible for the riots ? A few days before the riots antagonizing SMS’s were sent by the Muslims to their brethren, provocative hoardings were put up in Muslim dominant areas. What did the Government do to punish the culprits ? The news has come forth that the seeds of the riots had been sowed in Pakistan. Like always, the futile program of giving proofs of these things to Pakistan has commenced. In a nut shell, the culprits who caused the riots are free birds and those who tried to educate the people about the rioters are being suppressed. This is disgusting. 

Sushil Kumar Shinde is a refined version of Chidambaram !

After Sushil Kumar Shinde took over as the Home Minister, all expected that he would be impartial to all; however, as soon as he took over the office of the Home Minster, he as displayed his love for the green brigade. There are lakhs of pages on the social websites that have denigrating write-ups about Hindu Dharma, Hindu Deities and Hindu scriptures. Devout Hindus have complained a lot of times about these to the siber crime department as well as to senior Police officials; however, the Department of Telecom (DOT) or the department of cyber crime which otherwise appear to be non-functional, have showed 100% efficiency while banning the devout Hindu websites ! This has revealed the true face of Sushilkumar Shinde hidden under the guise of a smiling and simple looking politician. Ex Home Minster Chidambaram’s anti-Hindu attitude was obvious at his every move. Mr. Shinde appears to be a refined version of Chidambaram. !

Hindu roar will fill the skies !

If the Congress Government feels that by banning the website that has been guiding Hindus, it can suppress the voice of devout Hindus, then it surely living in a fool’s paradise. The Congressmen can very well ban the websites of Hindus; however how are they going to extinguish the flame of Hindutva lit in the minds of thousands of Hindus ? Today it might just be a devout Hindu website that has been banned; however tomorrow it will be thousands of Hindus who will come forth and spread the thought of Hindutva across the world ! If they are suppressed, lakhs of Hindus will come forward ! what will Congressmen do then ? When the lion roars, even the courageous miss a heart beat. The voice of the united Hindus has now transformed into a roar. No doubt this roar is going to fill the skies.

Source : Daily Sanatan Prabhat


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