In the next election whichever political party gets elected even then the worst condition of Bharat and Hindus will not change. To bring the change we have to continue our efforts for the establishment of Hindu Rashtra. - Dr. Athavle...When Governments consistently fail, it is Hindus who must get ready !...H.H.Dr. Jayant Athavale(Sanatan Sanstha)....There is no counter terror strategy except the one I have given in the DNA article...Dr. Swamy....Hindu vote must consolidate with those others who accept Hindu ancestry for a virat Hindustani sarkar...Dr.Swamy

Dr. Subramanian Swamy in support of Sant Shri Asaram Bapu

Janata Party will contest 50 seats in upcoming UP polls: Dr. Subramanian Swamy

Lucknow 1st  October : Janata Party President Subramanian Swamy on Saturday said that his party would contest the upcoming Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections from 50 seats for which it is open to forming an alliance with BJP.
Swamy, who was here to take part in a seminar organised by the bar association, said that Janata Party has decided to contest the Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh scheduled to be held early next year.
"Janata Party is planning to field candidates on 50 seats in Uttar Pradesh," Swamy said.

To a question, he said if the BJP so desires, his party can have an alliance with it for the Assembly elections.

Source : IBNLive

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