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Dr. Subramanian Swamy in support of Sant Shri Asaram Bapu

Chidambaram is a traitor: Dr. Swamy

Indore Sep 26 : Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy has said that it would not be possible to stop terrorism till P Chidambaram is home minister. 

“He is a traitor and the most corrupt minister in the UPA government. There are proofs of his anti-national activities, which I have placed before court. He has Rs 50,000 crore in foreign banks,” Swamy said in response to a query at a ‘Meet the press’ programme held at Indore Press Club on Sunday.Elaborating, Swamy said Chidambaram as finance minister manipulated  the stock market, doctored its rise and fall for vested interest. As finance minister, he insisted on buying paper used for printing Indian currency notes from a London (UK) firm, which also supplied it to Pakistan.

This posed the risk of Pakistan intelligence agency ISI circulating fake currency notes in India. “Similarly, he introduced participatory note cash that was another threat to Indian economy. There are seven to eight large scams, if unearthed, would confine him to jail for rest of life,” he said. 

While discussing Chidambaram’s role in 2G spectrum scam as finance minister, Swamy said he dismissed advice of officials who warned him at every stage of low spectrum pricing.
Last Wednesday, Swamy submitted to the Supreme Court documents indicating that Chidambaram along with jailed former communications minister A Raja was involved in deciding the 2G spectrum price.
“Raja acted on Chidambaram’s directives. CBI should investigate it. Either, it doesn’t have documents or it is hiding it,” Swamy remarked.
Indirectly, he held BJP-led NDA government responsible for the 2G scam, as it was Atal Bihari Vajapyee-led NDA government which in 2003 decided that spectrum licenses would be finalised by finance and telecom minister who in turn would apprise of their decision to union cabinet.
“Had I been prime minister, I would have asked the cabinet to decide it because it involves large sums of money,” Swamy said in response to query. When Congress-led UPA government came to power, it asked finance and telecom minister to report directly to prime minister.
Spectrum licenses were sold to non-telecom, foreign firms Etisalat linked to ISI and Telenor, a Norway company that uses Chinese telecom instruments. “This risked our important information being hacked by Chinese. Then home minister Shivraj Patil’s circular that the two companies should not be given license was overlooked,” Swamy added.
On PM Manmohan Singh
Congress party wants to pull him down from the post. He is like Mahabharat’s Dhrihtrashtra or Bhishmacharya who despite knowing the wrong didn’t stop it (scam).

On Jan Lokpal BillI don’t agree with most of its provisions as we have sufficient laws to jail the guilty, corrupt. Jailed A Raja, Kanimozi are an example. Only benefit is that prosecution sanction will not be required from government.

On Tihar JailCooks at Tihar jail are learning to make idli-sambar for south Indians A Raja and others. I told them they would soon have to make pizza and spaghetti. 

Source : HT

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