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Dr. Subramanian Swamy in support of Sant Shri Asaram Bapu

Congress’ sinister plot to ban innocent Sanatan Sanstha !

O Hindus, Cast away the eclipse of Congress party on Hinduism and Righteousness !
Sept 23 Press Release :  
Emboldened with the conviction of two accused in the Gadakari Rangayatan, Thane, bomb blast case, the Congress in the state and central governments have started hectic activities to ban Sanatan Sanstha. It is highly unjust and against law to implicate Sanatan Sanstha in some terrorist incident and ban it. The name of Sanatan Sanstha neither figures in the charge sheet filed by the ATS with the court nor in the verdict given by the Sessions Court on 9th September 2011. The Mumbai Sessions Court has unequivocally stated that ‘the act of the accused in the case cannot be termed as a terrorist act under ‘Unlawful Activities (Prevention)  Act’. It has been proved by the verdict that the two accused were responsible for the act in their personal capacity. Despite these two factors, the Congress leaders are trying to ban Sanatan Sanstha, which we strongly condemn. 

    The Mumbai Sessions Court in its verdict has reprimanded that the attitude of the ATS in the investigations of the bomb blast was illegal and suspicious at many places. The ATS submitted false evidences and fake witnesses to implicate the accused in terrorist act. It was revealed that the evidences were false. It is therefore very clear that from the very beginning, the approach of the ATS was to implicate Sanatan Sanstha under pressure from Congress leaders. However, this falsehood of the ATS was exposed by the Court itself. 

    Based on the report of ATS, which has by now proved to be incredible, the Congress government is trying to ban Sanatan Sanstha. This is highly condemnable. By banning Sanatan Sanstha, the Congress leaders seek to defame a pro-Hindu organization. This is clearly a conspiracy of the Congress in connivance with the communal elements to save itself from public wrath in view of its inaction in respect of Delhi bomb blast. 

     In view of all the above, it can be said that efforts are on to perpetrate injustice on Sanatan Sanstha. However, as Sanatan Sanstha has not indulged in any illegal act, its innocence will certainly be proved in the court once again. However, during the period of legal process, various activities of Sanatan that provide religious education throughout the country will come to an end and it will cause irreparable harm to Hindu Dharma. When the news of possible ban on Sanatan Sanstha spread through the media, several pro-Hindu and like-minded organisations contacted us to extend all the cooperation to foil the Congress’ plot against the Hindus. We are grateful to all these organisations and persons. 
Yours Truly,

Abhay Vartak, Spokeperson,
Sanatan Sanstha, Contact - 08108044440
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